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Malta is home to nearly more than four lakh people, Malta is quite a small country in the region of southern Europe. As a student, you can have multiple reasons why you should study in Malta. The country is great and idle for peace-loving people. These are some of the reasons why a student should consider the option of study in Malta.

  • Vibrant study atmosphere and among 5th best healthcare system in the world.

  • Malta is a country that offers a dynamic education system with best-in-class courses in the field of Engineering, Medicine, and Arts.

  • There are numerous career options after secure degrees from the educational institutions and universities available in Malta.

  • Studying in Malta is beneficial for those who are English-speaking as English is one of the official languages of the country.

  • Stable economy, free health care, and great weather.

  • Easy to apply for permanent residency in Malta.

  • Malta is an affordable place for study. Students will easily be able to manage education and living there.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Malta for Students from India

At the time when applying to a university to study in Malta, there are other documents that you might be asked to provide when you send your candidature. A list of admission documents you must have while submitting your application for study in Malta:


Undergraduate Programs in Malta

  • High school diploma certificate

  • Senior secondary transcript and certificate

  • Minimum 12 years of previous education 

  • Proof of English proficiency like IELTS, TOEFL, and Student can also submit Medium of Instruction document.

  • Statement of purpose and Letter of recommendation are also be required.


Postgraduate Programs in Malta

  • Provisional degree certificate from a previous academic institution where a student was completed his/her bachelor’s / Final Bachelor’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s transcripts 

  • Proof of English proficiency like IELTS, TOEFL, and Student can also submit Medium of Instruction document.

  • Statement of purpose and Letter of recommendation are also be required.


List of Universities in Malta

  • University of Malta

  • MCAST University

  • Idea Academy

  • Learn Key Institute

  • Gateway Institute

  • EIE College

  • MX Institute

  • Global College

How to Get Student Visa in Malta?

The EU Students need to obtain a student visa to study in Malta. In order to apply for a student visa, students need to visit after book a prior appointment to your nearest embassy or consulate and initiate the process. Here is the key document that a student must check before initiate a student visa application to study in Malta:

  • Properly filled visa application form

  • Valid passport having at least 3 blank pages 

  • 2 Passport-sized photos which must be not old than last six months and must be fulfilled the requirements specified by the embassy

  • Acceptance letter from the university 

  • Proof of travel insurance which covers the duration of the study and also makes sure that it should be for at least 30000 Euros.

  • Proof of sufficient financial funds. It is suggested that you must have at least500 EUR per month and calculate accordingly for the overall duration you are planning to study in Malta. Also, as proof of financial means, you can provide self or sponsor’s bank statements, ITR, salary slips, or travelers’ cheques with the necessary amount discussed above.

  • Proof of travel Itinerary, Explain how you will be traveling to Malta. Moreover, It will be great if aspirants must pre-book their travel before traveling over a student visa.

  • The visa application fee, the fee for the Schengen visa is nearly 75 Euros approx.

  • Make sure to keep extra photocopies of the above-listed documents that you might need to be enclosed with the visa application.

  • A self-addressed envelope having a country stamp on it will be of help for the embassy to post your passports and other documents back to you once the decision has been made.

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Cost of Living

The basic cost-of-living indicators in Malta are around 500 euros per month. The actual cost of living may vary and also depends on the lifestyle you carry.
Malta is home to public universities as well as private which offer courses at economical tuition fees to international students.

  • For students from EU countries and citizens of Malta, university education is free of cost.

  • For Non-EU students. The actual tuition fee amount might differ on the basis of course and university, on average, students can expect to pay around 4,500 EUR per academic year

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