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Australian Universities Impose Ban on Indian Students from 6 States Amidst Fraudulent Visa Concerns


29 May 2023


 Amidst a surge in student visa fraud, several Australian universities have imposed a ban on  Indian students from six states, namely Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two Australian universities, Western Sydney University in New South Wales and Federation University of Victoria, have already banned applicants from these states.


 A major reason cited for the ban on Indian students by Australian universities is that a number of applicants obtain visas on the basis of seeking educational opportunities, while their actual motives are to gain employment in the country, leading to a major percentage of students dropping out. One in four applications is now being deemed “fraudulent” or “non–genuine” by the Department of Home Affairs, a report says.


This increase in non-genuine applications has prompted the Australian Department of Education to look into the matter as it seems to be emerging as a trend. After imposing a ban on Indian students in Australian universities, institutions have tightened up the scrutiny and screening of applications coming from these Indian states to avoid further fraud. While concerns are raised that such a step may affect the application of genuine students, admission to high-ranking universities in Australia is unlikely to be affected as the admission process is already very difficult.


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