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Ausbildung is a special program which is carried out in Germany. These European or Non- European countries work with German companies as paid interns. is the main portal that publishes the ausbildung positions. These organizations have a tie-up with German companies that shortlist the students for these positions.
The companies of Germany which undertake these internship positions not only provide training to the youth of the world but also do not prefer taking the risk to hire the wrong employee for their organization.

Ausbildung in Germany

It is basically a vocational training program in Germany or to make it easier to sound an internship program.
Once been accepted as an Azubi or Ausbildender from any of the German companies. You’re training program will be classified into two parts- 
First of all, you will be recognized by the German company, which will be your workplace.
And secondly, you will be recognized at Berufsschule which is also known as Vocational training school in the German taught language, which will be you’re training classes. There will be exams conducted like midterms and final exams by your respective vocational training school.
The grades secured by your company and the vocational institute will be your final Ausbildung score. The grades which will be provided to you by your company will be calculated on the basis of your work efficiency and the performance in your exams will generate the grade by your vocational institute.

Duration of Ausbildung Program

This program is usually of 3-4 years, but if you have a good Ausbildung score, this duration of time will be reduced. The kind of company you’re working with, assigned department, kind of vocational training institute, etc. can be the major factors of the time duration. Being eligible in the Ausbildung program and having sound knowledge of the German language are the major requirements.

Language Requirement

The classes which will be conducted by the vocational institute will be in German taught language. The exams will be conducted in German too. Even your practical training of your German company will be in the German language. 
In order to fulfill the basic knowledge of the German language, you need to have at least a B1 level score. If you have a good knowledge of the German language, you can attain a well-recognized job in the German Companies.

Education Requirement

After knowing about the language requirement, you will be having queries related to the education requirement for Ausbildung. 
If you’re a non-European candidate, you should be having your 12th passed certificate no matter which field it is. This is the minimum education requirement for non-European applicants. Students with a higher qualification or a diploma holder applicant can also apply for the Ausbildung. Few companies and vocational institutions also have an eligibility criterion for the applicant whose age is less than 30, besides their qualification.

Process for a Non- Eu Citizen to Apply in Ausbildung

One of the best forms of personal recruitment is the business which takes part in a dual training scheme. Now, coming to the point of how can a non- EU applicant apply for Ausbildung, what are the documents required and about their necessities are stated below.


Required Documents

  • CV – Your CV should be brief, which should include your education details, skills, work experience (if applicable), etc.

  • Cover letter – If required.

  • Attested work experience letters (only if applicable).

  • School certificates, Diploma or Degree- You need to provide them in GERMAN and English language.

  • Your school leaving certificate is important because the companies which are offering you the internship can compare your school to the Realschule, German equivalent.

Financial Requirements and Benefits of Ausbildung

If applying for an Ausbildung Visa, you should have

  • A contract by the training company.

  • Sufficient money to meet the cost of living in Germany of your stay.

  • Health insurance

The monthly stipend provided to Ausbildung applicants will be a minimum of 850 Euros per month. It may increase depending on your skills, productivity, and the number of working hours per week.

Visa Application for Ausbildung

Being a non- EU citizen, you simply need to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Recognized and translated school leaving certificates

  • Application for the relevant vocational training program

  • Application for Visa


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