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Masters of Management (MIM) are being popular day by day due to their unlimited compliance standards. Like the MBA course in Canada, it is also a maters eduaction program considered a more pocket friendly options for Indian students. This study in Canada program is for graduates of any field with partial or no work experience. Now that we know what a MIM is, let’s take a look at a popular choice among Indian students – MIM in Canada.

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Why Pursue MIM in Canada?

Initially, the MIM was mainly offered at European and Canadian business schools, but it is now offered at many universities around the world. With the increase in MIM courses, it is gaining popularity and respect as a masters in the world. Thus, MIM from Canada will not only have value in Canada, but also in other countries.
Second, MIM programs are internationally oriented. MIM in Canada is offered in English, which makes it available to international students. The largest number of international undergraduate students applying for MIM in Canada come from China, India, Germany and Italy.

More importantly, the work requirements for the MIM are lax, unlike an MBA which requires a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience. Hence, it proves to be a great start for fresh graduates starting their careers.

Also, MIM in Canada is a versatile course. While some modules on the basics of management are compulsory, students can choose their specializations.

Finally, the most important point is the cost of studies. Compared to the MBA, the MIM is much more affordable and worth every penny. The starting fee for MIM in Canada can be 14,000 CAD while that for an MBA is 30,000 CAD. Since you will be working with little or no work experience, the return on investment is almost the same for both. So, MIM in Canada seems to be the clear winner. Also keep in mind that the fees depend on the institute you opt for and can go higher than those mentioned above.

Eligibility for MIM in Canada

The eligibility criteria for MiM in Canada are mentioned below. Also, for different universities and different programs, these criteria tend to change. Be sure to check the university's website for this particular program. The general criteria are as follows:
Applicant must have a four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent degree from at least a mid-B Toronto university. Some programs strictly only accept applicants with a business and commerce background, while others accept all streams. GPA should preferably be 3.0 out of 4.0 or B+ throughout studies.

An acceptable GMAT or GRE score varies from school to school, but for the exact score, check the university's website or email them. If the applicant studied in North America, the GMAT score may be waived.

A TOEFL or IELTS score. Check again with the University for the exact cutoff score. In general, a TOEFL score of 550 and above is acceptable, while an IELTS score of 6.5 and above is acceptable.


Admission process for MIM in Canada

First of all, you need to register or create your profile on the respective websites of the universities you are targeting in order to complete the application form for MIM admission in Canada. It asks for common details with the selected course and other documents.


The required documents are:

  • GRE or GMAT scorecard
  • English Proficiency Test Scorecard
  • Digitized transcripts
  • An SOP or personal essay or statement
  • At least two LORs
  • CV or curriculum vitae (minimum 2 pages)
  • Referee contact details

Make sure that the documents are in the supported formats (mainly .pdf or .rtf) and that the size is well within the limits (mainly 500 KB) mentioned there.

The last step is the payment of the application fees. Fees can range from 100 CAD to 200 CAD depending on the university.

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How to apply for MIM in Canada

First, choose the university and course you are interested in. There are several top-notch business schools in Canada with various MIM programs. We have mentioned the best of them in the table below with the fees and programs available. If you have any difficulties with your decision, do not hesitate to contact us at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants.


University Name - University of Toronto    

  • Fee in CAD - $45,000    
  • Program name(s) - Master of Management and Professional Accounting (MMPA)    
  • Program Duration - 27 months - 10 months    
  • Average Salary - $62,577


University Name - The University of British Columbia

  • Fee in CAD - $46,797    
  • Program name(s) - Master of Management    
  • Program Duration - 9 months    
  • Average Salary - $45,000


University Name - McGill University   

  • Fee in CAD - $14,000 to $20,000    
  • Program name(s) - Master of Management in Analytics, Finance, Manufacturing, IMHL, IMPM, and Retailing.    
  • Program Duration - 10 to 12 months    
  • Average Salary - $50,000 to $65,000


University Name - HEC Montreal

  • Fee in CAD - $60,000    
  • Program name(s) - Masters of International Arts Management    
  • Program Duration - 16 to 24 months    
  • Average Salary - $58,000


University Name - University of Manitoba

  • Fee in CAD - $17,029    
  • Program name(s) - M.Sc. in Management    
  • Program Duration - 12 to 24 months    
  • Average Salary - $44,000


University Name - Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

  • Fee in CAD - $74,000    
  • Program name(s) - Master of Science in Management    
  • Program Duration - 12 months    
  • Average Salary - $66,000


University Name - Schulich School of Business

  • Fee in CAD - $56,650    
  • Program name(s) - Master of Management    
  • Program Duration - 12 months    
  • Average Salary - $97,000


University Name - Ivey Business School   

  • Fee in CAD - $68,250    
  • Program name(s) - M.Sc. in Management    
  • Program Duration - 16 months    
  • Average Salary - $73,000


MIM in Canada

To be honest, the list of schools that offer MIM in Canada is quite long. But we picked the best ones above. To apply for any of the above schools, click on the name to go to their official website. Then you will get registration and application option for this.


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto Graduate School offers over 1000 degree programs. In addition, it offers a multicultural atmosphere. Specifically, two MIM programs are available here.

The MMPA (Master of Management and Professional Accounting) is a program that candidates from all backgrounds can apply for. It offers a 27-month format for applicants from different backgrounds. And a 24-month format for candidates from the same background. Finally, a 12-month format for candidates from the same background. Thus, MIM courses are versatile and suitable for everyone.

Another program is Financial Risk Management specifically for commerce, business, actuarial science, math, and engineering students. Both programs give a time frame of 3 years to complete the course.


The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. Additionally, it has been recognized as the most international university in North America. It has two main campuses, one in Vancouver and another in Okanagan.

It offers a Master of Management (MM) course which is a 9-month full-time program. This course is designed for students from a variety of non-business backgrounds. Therefore, students from all undergraduate programs are not only eligible but welcome. It covers the basics of business and management, such as accounting, marketing, finance and strategic management. UBC MM has been recognized by the Financial Times as number one among the top 60 MIM programs in the world.


McGill University

McGill University is a public university founded in 1821. It is one of the best universities in Canada. Moreover, it has students from 150 different countries, making it the most diverse institute. It is located in the city of Montreal.
It is the only university to offer a large number of masters in management. Its programs are Master of Management in Manufacturing, Finance, Analytics, IMPM, IMHL and Retailing. Not only does it have a diverse list of MIM courses, but it is also the cheapest and most worthy school to invest in. Almost all of its courses are 45 credits except for the Master of Management in Manufacturing which is a 56 credit course.


HEC Montreal

HEC is also located in Montreal is a French university for future managers. It is one of the first and only schools in North America to receive three accreditations together which are AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. Moreover, it is home to 35% of international students. In addition, it has the largest bilingual library in Canada. In addition, it organizes international exchange programs with 133 partners around the world.

It offers the MIM course called Master of International Arts Management. This is an international degree in cultural management available in 6 countries. The course provides training for managers in the heritage sector or cultural industries such as sound recording, radio, television, film and publishing.


University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is the first university in Western Canada, having been established in 1877. It has students from 140 countries and more than 145,000 alumni spread around the world. Moreover, it offers more than 100 programs. It has a well-developed post-graduate school as well as doctoral research laboratories. Also, it covers courses in all fields, from science, medicine, engineering, and arts to business, education, and law.

M.Sc. in management is a 2-year course and requires a GMAT or GRE score of 600 and above.


Smith School of Business, Queen's University

The Smith School of Business at Queen's University is located in Kinston, Ontario. It started in the year 1844. It is one of Canada’s internationally recognized and leading business schools. Additionally, it is consistently ranked among the top business schools in Canada. It has 100 partners for international exchange programs around the world. It also has students from more than 30 countries.
All of the programs at this school are innovative and one of a kind. The Master of Science in Management is a 12-month program and requires a mandatory GMAT or GRE score.


Shulich School of Business

Shulich School of Business is a global, top-rated school located in Toronto, Ontario. It was established in 1966 and has ranked among the top 25 global careers in finance, marketing and management according to the QS University Rankings. It has overseas campuses in Hyderabad, India and Beijing, China. The Financial Times has ranked Schulich's Executive MBA course as the #1 EMBA program in Canada.

He teaches the MMgt (Master of Management) course. This course combines general management studies with a non-technical focus on developing leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.


Ivey School of Business

Ivey Business School began in 1922 in the college basement of Westerns University. It is now the number 1 business school in Canada for the MBA program. It has four campuses, three of which are located in Toronto, Ontario, and one in Hong Kong.
It offers two MIM courses as M.Sc. in international business and Digital management with CEMS MIM. The CEMS MIM course started in 2005 and since then it has been ranked among the top 10 global MIMs by the Financial Times.

MIM Admission Deadlines in Canada

Canadian universities accept applications from October to January.

Usually the university takes a few months to respond. Therefore, you will most likely receive a response between March and May. If you are accepted, the process does not end there. Now you need to apply for the student visa, organize the finances, book your tickets and prepare for takeoff.

In conclusion, we have covered everything you need to know about MIM in Canada. The MIM is one of the most popular courses in business. It adds value to your CV and increases your knowledge base. For those who aspire to become entrepreneurs and take up leadership positions in various industries, this course is most beneficial. It is not just for business people, in fact, it welcomes anyone who wants to apply for this course in their practical area. I hope our blog has helped you better understand MIM in Canada. However, if you have any questions/doubts, do not hesitate to contact us and use our services.


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