6 Top Ranked Public Universities in Italy for Indian Students


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 University of Bologna

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year: €23,000

  • University Location / Region: Bologna, Italy


Information about the University:

Bologna University is one of the world’s oldest and top-ranked universities, and it was founded in 1088. The university has 232-degree programs. 70 are taught in the English language.

Courses include economics, engineering, mathematics, medicine, sciences, and philosophy-related streams. It has excellent research opportunities, University comes top among the list of 10 best public universities for Indian students.
The University of Bologna has five campuses in Italy. 

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year: €7,500

  • University Location / Region: Pisa, Italy


Information about the University:

The institute/ university is one of the top public universities in Italy for Indian students. This university is best known for innovative research, advanced teaching, and has a very fair and competitive admission process for Indian Students.
The major fields of study are mainly social sciences (for example, economics and business) and Experimental and Medical sciences (for instance, industrial and medical sciences).
This university comes under top university ranking for Indian Students. The economics-related course that is provided by this institution is coming under top courses in Italy for International Students.

Scuola Normale Superiore University

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year: Free

  • University Location / Region: Pisa


Information about the University:

This is an Italian university founded by Napoleon and introduced in the year, 1810. Scuola Normale Superiore University ranked first in Italy for its Teaching faculties and staff.

The Ph.D. program in Italy was started by this university in 1927.
As one of the top-ranked universities in Italy for Indian students, Scuola Normale Superiore University provides several programs in natural sciences & humanities, mathematics, and social & political sciences. The admission process is very smooth and students might need to appear in an entrance exam, but once students got selected do not need to pay any tuition fees.
The university has campuses in Pisa and Florence.

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Sapienza University of Rome

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year: €1,000

  • University Location / Region: Rome, Italy


Information about the University:

Sapienza University is the most famous university in the city of Rome and one of the oldest universities in the world. Since the university is founded in 1303.
The university contains one of the most innovative models of teaching and research which has placed the institution among the top 5% of universities in the world. Artificial intelligence, humanities, and engineering, Classics & Ancient History, biomedical sciences, natural sciences, Fashion Studies, and Archaeology are some of its significant subjects.
Sapienza accept more than 1,600 international students every year

University of Padua

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year: €2,501.38

  • University Location / Region: Padua


Information about the University:

The University of Padua comes at fifth in the list of 10 public universities in Indian students in Italy. It was originally introduced as a school of law in the year 1222 by a group of few scholars.
Currently, the university has a total of 8 schools with more than 32 departments. 
University offers degree programs that are multidisciplinary and ranging from Neurosciences to Cultural Heritage to Information Engineering and much more, all are taught in English. The main campus is in Padua city itself.

University of Florence

  • Average Tuition Fee per Year:  €1,070

  • University Location / Region: Florence, Italy


Information about the University:

Florence University is an Italian public university known for mainly research, founded in the year 1321 and located in the Florence region in Italy. It contains 12 schools and has about more than 80,000 students currently enrolled.

The University of Florence is famous as it ranks high ranking and comes under the top and is one of the best universities in the world.
University is known for a wide range of programs which includes: Engineering and Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences, Natural Science and Medicine, Social Sciences, and Management.

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