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The United States of America is the first choice of Indian students when it comes to studying abroad. The country has outstanding education standards and offers enormous opportunities to international students.

Students who wish to study in USA usually go after big cities like New York, Chicago, and Madison, Florida. Whereas there are various other states in USA that are home to top US universities and are extremely student-friendly. These student-friendly states offer affordable and quality education at the same time. Also, the states have various resources for international students that can help them in excelling in their careers.

Indian students look for quality education and a friendly and accepting environment to not feel homesick in the USA. Student-friendly states in the USA have many international students and offer opportunities to international students without discrimination.

The 3 Most Student-Friendly States in USA

Every state in USA offers quality education. The USA is one the countries with the strongest economy. It has endless opportunities for every field. From a front desk executive to a project manager, students can become anything in USA with their sheer dedication towards studies.

The majority of the world’s greatest colleges are located in USA. The country has abundant opportunities for every type of student. Even average students can become qualified individuals if they study in USA with focus and dedication. This is the outcome of research-oriented institutes in USA and the world’s best faculty appointed to nurture students in the best possible ways. Though, every state is the best and is home to renowned institutes of the world. Here are the top three student-friendly states in USA.


California is one of the most popular states in USA. It has 9 top-ranked universities for international students. The state has exceptional scenery and hosts a plethora of international students every year. Universities in California are known for their high education standards but also offer education at very affordable fees. Apart from low fees, California universities also offer international students scholarships.

Various start-up unicorn owners have graduated from the universities of California. Some of the greatest examples are; Yahoo, Snapchat and PayPal. Students in their 20s seek exposure that helps them grow and understand life from new and different perspectives. Every student steps out of their nation to do a lot of other things while studying. California is one of those states that can fulfil all these dreams of an international student.

California is a top shooting destination for various types of movies. Students get to explore a different life while living in California and watching the making of movies from a close angle. California is also home to some of the biggest brands in the world. Students can be benefitted by applying for internships in these brands making their CV strong.Some great brands like Apple, Alphabet, Intel, Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Tesla are headquartered in California. These companies are not only of a single sector; these companies cover various sectors. These renowned companies release many job vacancies yearly for national and international students. Hence, these things make California a dream destination for students.

Here are some top universities for international students in California:

  1. Stanford University
  2. California Institute of Technology
  3. California State University
  4. University of California

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It is America’s second-largest state. Various public and private institutions offer quality education and easy admission to international students. Universities in Texas offer a wide range of academic choices to international students. Additionally, the state is home to NASA, and various universities work closely with NASA and help students work with the world’s most powerful organisation. These things make Texas one of the top choices for engineering and research students.

Students who are fond of travelling and want to explore states while studying can choose to study in Texas. There are several beaches, desserts, and mountains within its area. Students can explore and refresh their minds in between their term breaks and get to know new people.

Networking for international students is extremely important trekking, camping and adventure groups offer great networking opportunities to students in Texas. Students who are fond of horse riding and want to learn it while studying can choose to study in Texas. Rodeo is also the state sport of Texas, and it can be learnt in various state parks of Texas. Texas also ranks 15th in the list of lowest cost of living states in USA.


Here are some of the top universities in Texas:

  1. Rice University
  2. The University of Texas at Austin
  3. University of Houston
  4. Southern Methodist university


Recently, some surveys have proved that Utah is the best state for college students. Utah is ranked number one in various aspects; from the cost of living to student satisfaction, Utah is the leading state for international students. The average crime rate is the lowest in the state. This makes it safe for international students. They are safe to roam around in the city in the middle of the night.

n 2010, Forbes labelled Utah as the best state to do business. So, if the student who is enthusiastic about business wants to study in USA, then Utah is the place they should choose.

Utah is also one of the best destinations for tourists. It has various attractions and hosts a plethora of tourists every year. It is one of the most varied states in USA; it has the sky-high Rocky Mountains, The Vast Salt Lake, and the Colorado Plateau. One can not get tired of exploring Utah while studying.

One of the best things that makes Utah an ideal destination for students is its generation. The state has a maximum number of youngsters. The major part of Utah’s population is in the 16-35 age group. Students get to network with many other great minds of the same age group.

Some of the top universities in Utah are:

  1. The University of Utah in Salt lake City
  2. University of Deseret
  3. Utah State University

These were some most student-friendly states in USA in every manner. If you wish to explore the USA in the most peaceful cities, you must contact us. Get in touch with MOEC today to take admission in the next intake. Call us at 1800-1230-00011 or mail us at application02@meridean.org .

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