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The pursuit of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme is a transformative journey that opens doors to exciting career opportunities and personal growth. The growing graphs of startups and MNCs have diverted the interest of many students towards pursuing an MBA.


So, are you also excited to expand your business knowledge through an MBA, but in a short span? If yes, then pursuing a 1 Year MBA in US university is a fantastic option for you!


The USA has dominated the world in being the best study abroad destination for international students, especially those from a business background. The most interesting fact about the country is that it hosts 5 B-schools out of the top 10 B-schools in the world. So, in this blog, we will dive into all the details related to studying 1 year MBA in USA!


Benefits of Studying One-Year MBA in USA

Before heading further, let’s figure out some benefits of studying a one-year MBA in the USA for international students

  • A 1-year MBA program allows you to earn a prestigious degree in a short time, saving both time and tuition costs compared to traditional 2-year programmes. 

  • The USA is a hub for business and innovation, providing excellent networking opportunities with professionals, alumni, and industry leaders.  Therefore, pursuing one-year MBA programs in USA can help you make a strong industry connection. 

  • Many 1-year MBA programs offer specialised tracks, allowing you to focus on a specific business area, such as finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship, without navigating in other directions. 

  • Students currently employed across various sectors and planning to make a career changer can pursue the 1 year MBA program and kickstart their career in the desired field without much investment. Overall, pursuing a 1-year MBA in USA is an excellent option for you. 

  • After completing the program, international students can often take advantage of Optional Practical Training (OPT), which provides work authorisation in the USA, further enhancing career opportunities.


Top Universities to Study 1 Year MBA in USA

Here is a list of some of the top universities to study for 1 year MBA in USA:

  • Cornell University

  • Kellogg School of Management

  • University of Southern California

  • University of Florida

  • Hult International Business School

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • Northwestern University

  • Marshall Business School


Admission Criteria 1 Year MBA in USA

Every university in the USA, has different criteria for 1 one year MBA program. However, below are some of the basic criteria for studying a 1-year MBA programs in USA:

  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant field from a well-recognised institution is required. 

  • Need of minimum overall 65% in bachelor's degree. 

  • Various top-notch universities may require standardised admission test scores such as the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) as a common base to accept student applications. 

  • English proficiency test score is a very crucial part of the application process to US universities. In order to enrol for an MBA in USA, international students require a minimum overall IELTS band score of 6.5 (or an equivalent score in any other proficiency test like TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo). 

  • Many one-year MBA programs prefer candidates with prior work experience, ranging from 2 to 5 years.


Documents Required to Apply for One-Year MBA in USA

Below are some necessary documents which are required to study MBA in USA:

  • Marksheet and Academic Transcripts of Previous Qualification (10th, 12th and bachelor’s) 

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

  • 2-3 Letter of Recommendation (LOR) 

  • Work Experience Certificate (if applicable) 

  • Updated CV 

  • Proof of fund availability 

  • Certificate of standardise admission test score (GMAT) 

  • Certificate of English Proficiency test 

  • Valid Passport


1 Year MBA Vs 2 Year MBA in USA

Now, you must be wondering which type of MBA program is the right fit for you. So, let’s know the difference between a two-year  MBA and a one-year MBA course in USA, which will help you make informed decisions according to your requirements.

Basis of Difference

One-Year MBA

Two-Year MBA

Cost of Studying

70,000 USD - 80,000 USD (approx)

45,000 USD - 75,000 USD per year (90,000 USD - 1,50,000 USD for two years) (approx)

Internship Opportunity

Not Available


Academic Background

Students from diverse backgrounds are accepted

Since the program is intense and fast-paced, the program is better suited to students with prior knowledge.

Work Experience

Generally, a work experience between 4 to 5 years is accepted

Students can apply even with work experience of 1 to 2 years. Moreover, some universities also accept applications without any prior work experience.


The program's duration is just a year, and the schedule is tight.  Hence, it offers less scope for network opportunities. 

Since the duration of the program is longer, it allows significant time to make networks both within the campus and outside.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Since the cost of studying is comparatively low, it offers high ROI.

The ROI is quite amazing. However, compared to a one-year MBA, it can be less due to the higher cost of studying. 


Q: Does US universities offer a one-year MBA to international students?

A: Yes, some US universities do offer one-year MBA programs to international students.


Q: Is studying 1 year MBA in USA worth it?

A:  Studying for a one-year MBA in the USA is worth it or not, depends on your individual goals, career aspirations, and financial situation. It can be valuable for those seeking a shorter, focused program and a rapid return on investment. Therefore, it is advised to research programs, consider costs, and weigh the potential benefits against your specific needs and circumstances.


Q: Is a 1 year MBA in the USA better than a 2 year one?

A: Choosing between a one-year and two-year MBA depends on individual goals and circumstances. A one-year MBA offers a faster return to the workforce but may have a more intensive pace. A two-year MBA provides more in-depth learning and networking opportunities. It's not about being universally better but about what aligns with your career objectives and timeline.


Q: What specialisation is best for 1 year MBA in USA?

A: The best specialisation for a one-year MBA depends on your career goals and interests. Common one-year MBA specialisations include Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Supply Chain Management. Choose the one that aligns with your desired career path.


Q: What is the average salary after pursuing a 1 year MBA in the USA?

A: The average salary after pursuing a one-year MBA in the USA can vary widely depending on the university, location, specialisation, and individual experience. Graduates can expect salaries ranging from 70,000 USD to 80,000 USD per year.



 Pursuing a one-year MBA in USA as an international student is a rewarding and strategic choice. It combines the advantages of world-class education, specialisation options, cost-effectiveness, and global networking. As you consider your educational journey, remember that each program may have specific admission criteria and unique features, so thorough research and careful planning are key to making the most of this opportunity.


To know more, reach out to our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide the best guidance regarding your application to study in USA. Apart from this, our expert counsellors will also assist in the visa process for your successful study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.


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