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The University of Gibraltar was established by the Government of Gibraltar through the University of Gibraltar Act 2015. It is a degree-awarding higher education institution. Gibraltar's Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, described the university's establishment as "a coming-of-age" for the British Overseas Territory.

The University of Gibraltar provides high-quality, in-person instruction and UK-accredited standards to its students in a unique, safe, and multicultural setting.

All University of Gibraltar degrees are regularly inspected by professional, external examiners from the UK, in accordance with UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) regulations. Gibraltar's thriving economy and unique location at a cultural, historical, and biogeographical crossroads make it an ideal site for making contacts, learning about the business, and having an amazing academic experience.

If you choose to study with Gibraltar, you will become part of a vibrant community dedicated to making you feel at ease and safe throughout your studies. You'll also become an important part of our on-campus community, which will provide you with the support you need to succeed.


The university's campus is located at Europa Point on Gibraltar's rock.

a moorish cistern, today known as the nun's well, is thought to exist in the vicinity, however it may predate tarik's arrival in 711 ad. The Neanderthals were the first known residents of the area, and the neighbouring gorham's cave complex they occupied is a unesco world heritage site. Gibraltar is one of hercules' pillars, standing astride the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean sea in legend. The Europa Point Lighthouse, which overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar and has symbolic significance for the university, is another significant landmark of the site. Trinity House operates the lighthouse that is the furthest south. When it was automated in 2016, the university received the 1950s second-order optic Fresnel Lens, which is now on exhibit in the main concourse.
Services for international students
The University is dedicated to providing a high-quality, personalised, and participatory learning experience.
The University of Gibraltar follows the current Covid-19 guidelines issued by HM Government of Gibraltar. The University has created and enforced a stringent on-campus physical distancing policy, put hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our facilities, and ensures that all locations are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Smaller class sizes mean fewer people in the room and a lower risk of infection.
The University will be eager to welcome you to campus, but please be aware that Covid-19 may cause travel delays and visa applications to be delayed. If you are unable to travel to Gibraltar before the commencement of your programme, you may enrol virtually and join at a later date.
Regular one-on-one contact with an instructor can significantly improve your academic performance. As a result, if you choose to begin your programme electronically, you will receive the same level of personal support and contact time as students who begin in person.


The University of Gibraltar offers a variety of undergraduate business, nursing, and maritime science programmes, as well as postgraduate business, education, and marine science programmes and research-level programmes.

Short courses and professional development courses are also available at the University of Gibraltar.


It's almost as crucial to choose where you want to live at university as it is to choose where you want to study. It must be a place where you feel at ease, secure, and content.

Europa Suites is where the majority of students opt to live. All rooms have been created as locations to relax and study, and are only a two-minute walk from the Europa Point Campus. A modest kitchen, en-suite bathroom, and wide workspace are included in each self-contained studio unit.

Europa Point offers spectacular views of the Gibraltar Straits and the African continent. Beaches and a full sports facility are just a short walk away, and daily buses connect you to the town centre.


Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory that is frequently referred to as "Britain in the Sun." This means that you may anticipate the same high standards and ideals as a British university education while studying in a warm, Mediterranean climate with up to 300 days of sunshine per year.

Gibraltar's modest size (6.7 square kilometres) is part of what makes it so special. When you're not studying, you'll have more time to explore, travel, and have fun because everything is walkable, bikeable, or a short bus ride away. You will have the freedom to join groups, societies, or simply enjoy Gibraltar's vibrant leisure and dining scene.

You can work part-time while studying in Gibraltar if you have a student visa. You should be able to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours per week during vacation, depending on your visa. Non-EU international students can stay in Gibraltar for another two years after finishing their degree programme to work full-time in a local firm.



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British citizens and other EU nations who have lived in Gibraltar for at least five years are eligible for HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships. They are typically qualified to apply for the (HM) Government of Gibraltar's 'Mandatory' or 'Discretionary' awards.

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