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The University of Bristol is a research-based university based in England. It is part of the prestigious Russell group and was established in 1876. Later, in 1909, the University received its royal charter and the name 'University of Bristol'. It has built a reputation for innovation since 1909. The University organises its academic affairs in 25 schools, which are arranged into six faculties, including Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Science and Social Sciences and Law. It is home to more than 27,000 students studying undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Moreover, the University of Bristol became UK’s 1st higher education institute to admit men and women as equals. Furthermore, it has the most beautiful campus ranking in the top 10 Universities in the UK.


Why Choose the University of Bristol?

Located in a vibrant and dynamic city with a reputation for creativity and sustainability, the university is an exciting place to study for international students. The University aims to equip its students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen careers in a competitive global market. It has produced 13 Nobel laureates and multiple academic fellows in various fields. Also, it has a community of Nobel laureates working presently with the University. The University has 11 Research Institutes that shares ideas and expertise to tackle global challenges. Moreover, 40+ countries are pioneering the research with partners around the globe.


Here are a few reasons why Bristol is an excellent choice for international students:


Support and Well-Being

All the students at the University automatically become part of the Students' Union at Bristol, which provides the opportunity to represent themselves at the University and offers professional advice and support. Also, the students can choose societies and clubs to get involved in, meet new people and have fun. Moreover, the University provides various Student Services to ensure its students' well-being, including Disability Services, Student Counselling, and Multifaith Chaplaincy.


Best Learning

The courses at the University are shaped by the latest thinking, keeping in mind the students' growth required in today's competitive world. Also, the students get an opportunity to work on real-life projects with individuals who are experts in their field. Moreover, the libraries, IT facilities and informal study spaces keep students connected and support independent learning. The University continuously invests in new and existing facilities, training and technology.


Excellent Career Prospects

Many employers recognise the degrees from Bristol as a mark of excellence. There are various top MNCs in UK who see the graduates from Bristol as their future employees. The University aims to give all its students an outstanding education and upskill them to become effective leaders in whatever career path they choose. Moreover, the Career Service at the University helps students to find work experience, placements and internships according to their profile.


Research-Led Learning

Bristol is a research-intensive university and aims at some of the world's greatest challenges. Also, the content of courses and programmes provided by the University is built around this innovative research. According to REF (Research Excellence Framework), 94% of the research at the University is recognised as either 'world-leading' or 'excellent'. 57% of the University's research achieved the top 'world-leading' 4* rating, compared to a sector average of 41%.


Key Features

The University of Bristol is a prestigious university in the UK. It holds an Erasmus Charter that sends 500 students to the partnered European institutions. The University ranks in the top 10 for providing excellent research. Here is the list of some more key features below:

  • One of the top 3 most targeted universities by top UK recruiters

  • Stands at 7th position for UK graduate employability

  • 26 subjects significantly ranked in the world's top 100

  • Hosts around 25% international students every year from more than 150 countries.

  • Working towards a sustainable environment.

  • The estimated starting salary for international student is range from £27,200 to £36,900.

University of Bristol Courses & Fees

University of Bristol Courses

The university offers more than 600 courses covering a broad range of subjects. Students get an opportunity to engage with intellectually challenging courses that encourage independence of mind. Apart from the degree programs, the students also get a chance to engage in a range of extracurricular activities and learning resources supporting their studies and personal development. The list of most of the courses available at Bristol is mentioned below.

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Admission Criteria

To secure a seat in the most prestigious Russell Group Institution, one must have a commendable academic profile. The University of Bristol is very demanding, with many international students applying for it. It accepts students having more than 68%  in their higher secondary for the bachelor’s programme. Also, the English proficiency test score is mandatory for the application. If the students have work experience in the relevant field, then their profile becomes strong. It increases the chances of receiving an offer letter from the University. Students can check the table below to know the admission criteria of Bristol University:


University of Bristol Entry Requirements



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)


Above 60%

Above 60%

3.0 GPA


6.5 overall with 6.0 in all skills

6.5 overall with 6.0 in all skills

6.5 overall with 6.0 in all skills


90 overall, minimum 20 in all parts

90 overall, minimum 20 in all parts

90 overall, minimum 20 in all parts


60 overall

60 overall

60 overall


Accepted (if 70% or above marks in 12th English)

Accepted (if 80% or above marks in 12th English)

Not accepted





Work Experience





  • The IELTS overall score and band score required for undergraduate and postgraduate courses vary from course to course.

  • For English subjects at the undergraduate and postgraduate level requires an overall IELTS score of 7.5, a TOEFL score of 103, and a PTE score of 78.

  • The minimum TOEFL and PTE scores are required at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; PhD levels vary from course to course.

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University of Bristol Scholarships

Durham University supports its students irrespective of financial circumstances. The following scholarships and bursaries are either funded by the University, through partnerships with external organisations or through generous donations from alums and friends of the University. Some of the best Scholarships provided by the university for undergraduate and postgraduate students are mentioned below:

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Chevening Scholarships (PGT 2023 Entry) Tuition fee and all the other living expenses


The cost of living in Bristol City can vary depending on an individual's lifestyle and preferences. Generally, Bristol is considered to be moderately expensive compared to other cities in the UK. The average cost of living in Birmingham city is 9207 GBP per year.

Bristol University is known for its rigorous academic standards and competitive admissions process, making it relatively challenging to gain acceptance. The university attracts a large number of highly qualified applicants from around the world, resulting in a high level of competition for limited spots. Admissions decisions are based on various factors, including academic achievements, personal statements, letters of recommendation, English proficiency test scores, and standardized admission tests. While if we talk about the average acceptance rate of the University of Bristol for international students, then it is around 67%.

In general, it is not compulsory to appear for IELTS in order to apply at the University of Bristol. The university might consider students’ applications on the basis of MOI or English subject scores in 10th and 12th grade. However, for certain courses university may require an IELTS score to assess a student’s proficiency in the language.

Bristol can be considered relatively expensive for international students due to several factors. The cost of living, including accommodation, transportation, food, and leisure activities, is generally higher compared to many other cities in the UK. Additionally, international students are often required to pay higher tuition fees compared to domestic students, which further adds to the financial burden. However, the quality of education and experience that you’ll gain while studying at the university will justify the tuition fee charged by the university. Moreover, the university also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities, even for international students, which reduces the financial burden of the student

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