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The University of Law, UK, is a private institution established in the year 1962, with origins in 1876. It is the UK’s largest school which specialises in offering law-related courses. The university has 16 campuses across the UK. There are approximately 8000 students currently enrolled.

The institution extensively concentrates on developing new teaching methods so students can easily and quickly learn. In the recent past, The University of Law developed its Digital Academic Model. It also provides training to the professionals who are already in practice.


Why Choose the University of Law?

The University of Law has made a top position in legal and business education. The university has a large international community with students from 120 nations. All the institution's campuses are made of modern design and are near important areas. Transportation is also easy as the university is well connected with commercial areas. Almost every faculty has experience in practising law with top qualifications.

There are several other reasons why someone should choose the University of Law. These reasons are discussed below:-

Innovative Teaching Techniques

The University of Law understands the need for change and innovation in a fast-paced environment. Thus, the institution adopts a special learning model of PEC (Prepare, Engage, Consolidate). With this, they make learning more adaptive and personalised.

The university also incorporates a new futuristic academic model of online teaching with the help of the latest technologies.

Exceptional Alumni Network

The Alumni association of the University of Law has 80,000 graduates in 103 nations. Students can be in touch with them and can take certain privileges. The university regularly organises networking events and reunions so that candidates can be informed and share each other’s professional experiences.

It also publishes various vacancies on the university database so that alums can get to know about opportunities even after completing their programs.

Strong Connections with Law Firms.

The University has trained 94 legal firms out of 100 and is still on its way. They have built a strong bond with approximately 60 of the best law firms in the UK. The university regularly invites these connections for career mentoring the students.

Employability Excellence

The University of Law focuses on the core purpose of assisting students to become employable. One-to-one career guidance is done, which includes planning the strategy and developing a CV & cover letters according to the job demand.

A special Employability Service Team is created to help candidates find internships, volunteering options, part-time jobs and various other roles. The same team focuses on growing interview techniques so that the students can get employment through industry links.

Full Care and Support

Several teams exist at the University of Law that aids students in health, research and other personal issues. Several counselling sessions with Student Welfare Advisors are organised, so the candidates feel confident during their stay at the university.

The University of Law provides freedom of campus switch according to students' comfort. The university has a ‘MyULaw’ app to get all the related information from the courses, timetable, etc.


Key Features

Some key factors of the University of Law are mentioned below.

  • High-Ranking UniversityPersonal Tutor Program

  • Ranges of Clubs and Societies for Academic, Sports, and Political Interests

  • Student Union Representation 

  • Online Portal Dedicated to Accommodation

  • Campuses in UK, Germany and Hong Kong

  • Assured Employability

  • 250 Qualified Law Teacher

  • Great Student Life at the Campuses

  • Average Salary of Undergraduate and Postgraduate: £25000-£50000 Per Year

The University of Law Courses & Fees

The University of Law Courses

It offers various programs in undergraduate and postgraduate section. The University of Law courses are divided into law, business, criminology, policing, psychology and computer sciences.

The University of Law Fees

The University of Law fees vary according to the courses offered by the university. Students not from the UK have to pay from £14,750 to £17,750 for LLB courses. The program fees include tuition charges, material related to the course, and other learning resources.

The University of Law assists international students in searching for proper accommodation. It ensures that the candidates get a comfortable place to live where they can focus on their studies. The university developed an online accommodation portal where a listing of the accommodation is done. The rent is around £275 per week when it comes to London but in other cities various campuses are located it ranges from £125 to £205 per week.


University of Law Fees and Cost of Living




£14,750 - £17,750 per year


£6,468 - £18,000  per year


£275 per week in london
£125 to £205 per week outside of London
Other Living Expenses   £300-£500 / Month
Transportation £80 -£200 Per Month

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The University of Law Ranking & Intakes

The University of Law Rankings

The University of Law rankings are high in the country for different criterion. The university is one of the world-class universities in terms of law education. The ranking is the best way to recognise how prestigious this institute is. QS World has recognised it as a 5-star university in various aspects like facilities, teaching, employability, online learning and academic development. The university is ranked 89th in the world for its law program according to QS world rankings.


The University of Law Intakes

The University of Law intakes take place in two phases; fall and spring intakes. The deadlines for graduate and undergraduate programs are different. International students must apply before the deadline to have sufficient time for the Visa process. Students can apply for the University of Law intakes through their website.


University of Law Intakes for Undergraduate Courses







November 20 2024 


University of Law Intakes for PostGraduate Courses



Month of Intake




October 30 2024 

Admission Criteria

To get admission to the University of Law, international students must fulfil certain eligibility criteria. This includes the language requirements varying according to the different courses. Below mentioned are the overview of the prerequisites to gain admission at the university:


The University of Law Entry Requirement



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)






Above 5.5

Above 6.0

Above 6.0










required two

required two

required two

Work Experience




Contact our counselors for application details

The University of Law Scholarships

The university realise the financial support students require for their studies. There are plenty of options to explore regarding The University of Law scholarships. The scholarships differ from undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Law First Scholarships £2,000
2 Career Changer Scholarship Full Fee
3 Lord Blunkett Widening Access Award £1,000
4 Business First Scholarships £5,000
5 Choose Law Scholarship £2,000

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