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An Internship opportunity in Italy is one way of learning and adventure, international job experience, and college credit in one package! Abroad Internship programs are very much similar to abroad study programs; they share the same cultural values and exposure, unlike when you visit like a tourist, you get to earn extra academic merit. But therein International internships, directly relate to your career path, these can give you an extra return on your investment of efforts and time invested.

Why is an internship in Italy Considered the best option?

An Internship opportunity in Italy provides you the benefits in one of the culturally richest countries in the world. If you are looking to enhance your international skills and make an impact on your personal and professional life, an Internship from Italy will provide you the opportunity to gain experience from a country that is known for design, art, fashion, culinary arts, architecture, and more. 


Initiate your Search from:

You can search Italy Internships based on a specific field of work, destination city, or duration of stay (academic year or semester).


Live, Study, Work

You simply can’t imagine how it will feel to study and live in Italy, if you wish to do so then add an internship in your study visit where you will get an opportunity to get placed in an organization that matches your career goals and ambitions. During your Academic Journey, you’ll likely apply what you will learn in class through the enhanced training programs that Italy has to offer.


Keep in mind where you want to match the internship to your skills

Since there are many different opportunities available, you should think of matching the type of Internship with the region in Italy you are looking for. In another sense, keep your academics, personal, and professional goals in mind. For example:

  • If you are looking for an architecture or business internship. Consider a city like Rome. 

  • If you are looking for a fashion merchandising or design-related internship, consider Florence or Milan: a world-famous fashion capital. 

  • On the off chance that you are searching for a culinary or Hospitality related job. You can think about the locale of Rome and Tuscany.


Does someone need to Know the Italian language?

Some internships may require or may not require Italian language experience. Big, MNC companies will welcome your English language skills, along with other languages, which will be an advantage.

Types of Internship

There are two types of internship programs in Italy

Curricular internship

A curricular Internship is for understudies who are right now signed up for a college or preparing program. This type of internship mainly integrates education with industry experience and typically lasts up to 6 months. After successfully completing the task, you will receive some credits.


Extracurricular internship

An extracurricular internship is mainly done after completing graduation; this is not a part of your education and curriculum, and will not anyhow impact your final grade. It’s mainly for those who were graduated from university in Italy within the duration of less than 6-12 months ago.
Majorly, these internships will last up to 2-12 months and mandatory compensation (allowance) around 500 Euros per month will be provided to the person determined by the regional regulations.

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How can anyone find an internship program in Italy?

  • You can ask your professors to recommend a company they know.

  • Internships can be obtained by word of mouth, which is widespread in Italy.

  • Make an effort to form personal contacts while in Italy, as this will only help you find work in the long term.

  • Can search for internships online on available platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed.

  • Look through company websites as well, as many of them allow you to apply immediately.

Do students need a visa to proceed internship in Italy?

EU students do not need a visa to intern in Italy. International students will need to show their student visas to do an internship in Italy. 

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