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How can I speak for two minutes in Cue card round and how to cover up pauses in that section ?



Well ,second round of Speaking is Cue card round in which a topic is assigned and candidate is required to speak for two minutes , one minute is given to gather or organize the thoughts before cue card is spoken . So the total time allotted for Cue card is three minutes . There are certain tricks that helps to elongate or expand ideas while speaking in cue card section . Your speech should address the 5W1H formula and you have to sequence them according to assigned cue card.If your voice stammers , fumbles or you stop for more than 2 seconds, it will b counted as pause . To overcome this problem , its advised to use fillers like according to me , as far as i remember , if i am not wrong etc to delay the answer . If you lack the ideas , then try to relate or imagine a situation asked in cue card. Its always good to practice various cue cards beforehand . Use stop watch while practising speaking , generate more ideas to relate cue card topics Apart from this , dont hesitate and make yourself at ease first so you can answer confidently.

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