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How can i create content in cue card Speaking part 2 ?



Most of the students worry about lack of content in Cue card round. There are lot of reasons like lack of vocabulary , inadequate ideas and not able to transfer them into sentences , hesitation , lack of practice beforehand etc To overcome these , first step needed to remove hesitation. Believe me guys , this is the most common barrier in communication. Try to speak with strangers or make your speaking partner to practice everyday atleast for one hour . Observe your voice tone , Enrich your word range , try to relate words with the given task card and translate them , avoid being repetitive in ideas . Start with general statement then progress to specific and address the key points already given in cue cards. Your task should include a concluding statement at the time of end . While practising set the timer on for whole two minutes. Be simple and organize your thoughts in sequential manner .

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