Cost of Studying in Australia

US News ranks Australia 9th among study-abroad destinations. International students, mainly Indians, dream about moving to this oceanic country. Students opting for Australian education gain the highest number of work opportunities in various sectors like Business, Healthcare, Engineering, and Medicine. The country also offers commendable remuneration to its workforce. Before you enrol, you should know all the costs. This information can help you plan and align your budget. Let's learn about the Cost of Studying in Australia.

Education Costs in Australia for Indian Students

The cost of education at Australian universities depends on the subject type and university you opt for. On average, the cost of studying in Australia ranges from AUD 300 a week to AUD 50,000 annually. Below is a table with brief data on typical annual tuition fees for international students based on the official government site.

Levels of Degree Cost of Studying
Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree AU$20,000 to $45,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AU$22,000 to $50,000
Doctoral Degree AU$20,000 to $42,000

Cost of Living in Australia

On top of educational costs in Australia, students also need to take care of their living costs. Do some universities not cover living costs in educational expenditures? They are different as per residential location, on-campus and off-campus accommodations, and food costs.

For international students, Australia's monthly living cost is AUD 1,500 approx. Also, AUD 15,000 - AUD 18,000 is the average annual cost of living in Australia for Indian students. According to the Australian government's Department of Home Affairs, you must prove you have AUD 21,041 in annual living expenses.

Scholarships/Part-time Work Opportunities

To plan and align your budget well, you also should be aware of Australia’s scholarships and work opportunities. When looking to lower the costs to study in Australia, you should apply for scholarships like - the ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Gates Cambridge Scholarships, UNSW’s Future of Change Scholarship, Global Excellence Scholarship at UWA and much more. If not scholarships, then apply for part-time jobs in Australia. International scholars are allowed to work for 48 hours per fortnight. Additionally, part-timers in Australia earn between AUD 21.38 per hour to AUD 40 per hour on average.

In a final analysis, it is clear that educational costs in Australia comprise diverse factors. You can apply for available scholarships, and living in popular cities like Melbourne and Sydney can give you several networking opportunities. Pick this country full of opportunities with a vibrant culture and welcoming people to continue your higher studies.


Aspirants studying in Australia can earn a minimum wage of AUD 21.38 per hour to AUD 40 per hour on average or AUD 515 per week. Your salary also depends on the type of job – on-campus or off-campus.

The visa you need depends on the course level, the type of study you want to pursue, and the program duration. Students qualified for Australian universities will receive a CoE [Confirmation of Enrolment], after which they can apply for a student visa.

Students who want to stay up to 5 years in Australia can apply for a Subclass 500 Visa. It usually depends upon course enrolment and can cost AUD 650. In addition to this visa, obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is mandatory and students must ensure it is government approved.

While pursuing studies in Australia, scholars with visas can apply for PR. They can also continue their eligibility for PR after completing their studies. Applicants get PR according to the duration of their stay and other deciding factors.

Australian universities open enrolment twice a year - February intake, which ends by October - November and July intake, which ends by April-May.

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