Cost of Studying in Canada

Canada is the most popular destination for studying abroad. Students seeking higher education find the country affordable in comparison to other top 10 destinations worldwide. Besides studying and living in Canada, you should also consider it for its multiculturism, scenic grounds, vibrant city atmosphere, and close-knit campuses. Canada is a highly developed country and is known for its high standard of living, excellent healthcare system, and top-notch educational institutions. When planning to study in Canada, you must analyse all the costs and manage your budget accordingly. Let's go ahead and look at the costs in detail.

Cost of Study in Canada for Indian Students

Universities' tuition fees comprise a significant part of the cost of studying in Canada. These costs depend upon the course you opt for. Programmes in humanities, education, and arts are low-cost subjects, while medicine and engineering are somewhat expensive. Still, determining the total cost will depend on a combination of aspects, such as the type of course, it’s international reach and reputation, the city the university is based in, and more. The average cost of pursuing a degree in Canada varies between CAD 10,000 and CAD 1,25,000.

Levels of Degree Tuition Fees per year
Undergraduate Diplomas CAD $15000 - CAD $20000
Undergraduate Degrees CAD $20000 - CAD $40000
Postgraduate Diplomas CAD $15000 - CAD $20000
Postgraduate Degrees CAD $20000 - CAD $40000
MBA CAD $20000 - CAD $40000

Cost of Living in Canada

Some universities do not include living expenses in the cost of study. The cost of living in Canada usually depends on the city you study in and your preferred lifestyle. Considering these factors, you should budget around 10,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD annually. This budget will cover your accommodation, food, mandatory health insurance, etc. See the table below for details in brief.

Factors Average monthly cost
Accommodation 400 CAD - 600 CAD
Food & grocery 200 CAD - 300 CAD
Transportation 100 CAD - 250 CAD
Internet 30 CAD - 50 CAD
Miscellaneous 600 CAD - 700 CAD

To sum up, if you want to be well-prepared to move to a new country, get an in-depth understanding of the costs of studying in Canada to manage your funds efficiently. Budget management depends on the subject, city, university, accommodation, living standards, etc. Analyse your funds and the host country's costing at the same time as choosing the best university.


From applying to a university to living there, the total funds you need for studying in Canada are around 20,000 CAD - 25,000 (20-22 lakhs INR) for a year.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa are some of the best cities to study in Canada for Indian students.

No. Canada doesn't have any free universities. However, you can find many reasonably priced universities and can apply for scholarships.

Students can start working in Canada only after your course has started. Also, before starting to work there required a permit card i.e., SIN number. Students can work 20 hours per week in Canada.

To apply for a study permit in Canada, a fee of 150 Canadian dollars is required. Biometrics are taken at an additional cost of 85 Canadian Dollars.

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