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Today, we will talk about the admission processes in UK and also the intakes that are available in UK. This information will be useful for those of you who are planning for education in that country because, of late, UK has become a major overseas education destination for international students after 2019. UK has brought about some major changes regarding immigration, education, scholarship, etc which is better compared to some other countries.

UK provides the most affordable education as far as English-Speaking nations are concerned:

Yes it is true. Moreover, there are scholarships that are available for international students which makes it the best place for overseas education.

UK waived of VISA application fees:

Apart from adding new features to their immigration policies, the UK government has also waived off their VISA application fees, which was approximately 3000 pounds. This is applicable for those who are serving the army in UK for 6 years or more, whether they are international or local people.

These are some of the new steps taken by the UK government, such as the Youth Mobility Scheme, PSW, etc. All these are taking place primarily because post Brexit, there have been a significant labor shortage in UK and hence the UK government have taken such initiatives to fulfill such shortages.

Who is eligible for a fee waiver?

Candidates for fee waivers include:

  1. First-time applicants for authorization to remain in the United States through the five-year partner route whose sponsor is receiving one or more specified benefits and who must instead establish that their sponsor can offer enough support.
  2. Authorization to stay under the five-year parent route applications
  3. The ten-year partner, parent, or private life route applications when the applicant alleges that refusal of this application for authorization would violate their (or others') rights under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights
  4. ECHR-based applications for authorization to stay in the country, provided that human-rights-based claims serve as a substantive basis of the claim.
  5. Requests for further time to stay from those who have been granted Discretionary Leave after being denied asylum or humanitarian protection and allege that denying them additional time to stay would violate their ECHR rights
  6. Victims of human trafficking or slavery who have received a positive conclusive grounds decision and have already accrued 30 months of Discretionary Leave and are seeking to extend it for reasons connected to trafficking or slavery are eligible under this category.
  7. Visa applications related to human rights-The Home Office plans to revise its policy on remission of entry clearance fees, which should provide additional information on who qualifies.

The May Intake 2022 is open as of now in the universities in UK and hence students who are planning for education here should not waste any time in submitting their application. Check out the admission guidelines for the respective universities and apply accordingly as per your eligibility.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful. Thank you for reading.

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