UK Immigration: 65K Work Permits & Visa Updates 2022

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Today we will discuss how the UK government has issued the maximum work permit VISAs to Indians in the last year or so and also how Indians can apply for work permit VISAs directly in the UK.

How has the UK has making the process of PR and work permit easy?

Those who are working in India as any professional can directly apply in any company in UK ads hence they can apply for work permit easily the moment they get the job sponsor letter or the offer letter from the company where they applied.

Last year India topped the list of countries to whom maximum work permits were granted by the UK government. 65000 people were granted a direct work permit VISA to the UK in the past one year.   

These VISAs were granted directly and they went with a direct job offer to UK without education or any other route.

So, you can imagine when the work permits are granted easily, when you get a student VISA in UK, how easy your PR is going to be like.

How the point-based immigration system work in UK?

Till date the VISAs in Canada, Australia, etc were granted based on the point-based immigration system, however, last year, UK has also launched their point-based immigration system which determines the number of points allocated for each job category.

Migrant workers wishing to relocate to the United Kingdom must score at least 70 points in order to be granted a visa.

A job offer for a skilled position from an approved firm and fluency in English are each worth 50 points. The remaining 20 points can be achieved if the applicant has a salary of at least £25,600 a year.

As an example, a PhD in a relevant field (e.g. engineering, physics, or maths) or an offer of a position in which the UK is short (20 points) can lead to an additional 10 points or 20 points, respectively.

No matter how low the compensation is, some positions in health or education are still worth 20 points. The candidate must receive a salary of at least £20,480 per year, or the equivalent in the four countries of the United Kingdom.

As a result, when you get an offer letter or job-sponsorship letter from any company in UK, 20 points are allotted to straightaway. Therefore, this makes your PR process very smooth or applying for ILR.

Health and education:

It's possible to get a fast-track visa for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in the country.

Those who qualify for this visa will have their application fees lowered and will receive assistance throughout the process.

A premium for immigration health care will not be imposed on successful applicants.

Due to the nature of their profession, applicants will still be required to meet pay requirements.

The plan, however, will not cover many caregivers.


Lastly, the admission for September Intake 2022 are still open in a few universities in UK, however, they’re about to close soon. So, check out the respective university websites and plan your admission accordingly if you are interested to study in a prestigious nation such as UK. You can take the assistance of any recognized education counselor online if required.

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