Top 3 UK Universities Offering Scholarships for International Students in 2022

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Today, we will talk about the top 3 universities in UK where you can get good courses at affordable rates and some pretty decent scholarships too. So, let’s get started.

We will start with No. 3 first.

The Birmingham City University:

Located at Birmingham, this university offers a scholarship around 2500 pounds approx. The majority students here though get a scholarship of 1500 pounds maximum. The admissions are still open now. However, remember that this one and the two other universities we will be talking about will have admissions completed before June. As a result, if you are planning for September 2022 Intake, you need start your application from now.

Now coming back to this university, along with the scholarship, you’ll get an IELTS waiver, (provided if you have obtained the certain criteria for marks to be eligible for the waiver).  Besides, the tuition fees here are pretty reasonable also. The tuition fees though, varies from course to course, it’s different from bachelors degree to Masters Degree. So, to know about the fees in details, you can check the universities website.

The University of East London:

Most students prefer to go to London to study. As a result, this university is pretty popular amongst students. The UEL is the most affordable universities in London and it offers you scholarships up to 5000 pounds. This means that if your total course fee is 15000 pounds then you can complete your Bachelors or Masters at 10000 pounds. All this though, depends on how much scholarship is granted to you.

However, if you are an international student, then a 2500 pound scholarship is guaranteed to you. The rest scholarship amount though, whether you’ll get it or not, will entirely depend upon your application.

and finally the No.1…

The University of Worcester:

This is a strategically located university which is situated at about 1 hr 30 mins from London and about 25 to 30 mins from Birmingham. The best part of this university is that if you have obtained 55% in your Bachelors, then you become eligible for a scholarship of 2000 pounds straightaway. However, if you have obtained 60% or more score, then you will get a scholarship of 3000 pounds from this university.

The university has four vast campuses spread over Worcester in the United Kingdom. The university's headquarters are located on St John's Campus, which also has various resident halls, classrooms, and sports facilities. The University's National Pollen, Aerobiology Research Unit, and Worcester Students' Union are located on the campus. It also has a Drama Studio, a multigym, a Digital Arts Centre, a sports hall, and AstroTurf pitches.

The McClelland Health and Wellbeing Centre, Worcester Business School, the Jenny Lind building, and the Hive library are all located on the university's City Campus in Worcester City Centre. The Severn Campus of the University is located along a riverside and includes sophisticated study facilities, performance analysis rooms, dance studios, and the University's Arena. The Lakeside Campus is a center for outdoor learning and activities.

That’s all we have for now. Hope you liked this video. Until next time, bye!

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