2022 Study Abroad Visa & Travel Updates for International Students in Australia & UK

Hello friends,

Today, we will talk about what are the changes that have taken place in VISA processing after the COVID-19. Besides, we will also talk about which countries will be suitable for you for admission and also what are their benefits. So, stay tuned for more information.

Australia and UK:

Both these countries had their own set of regulations during the COVID-19 and now, post COVID, they have set different guidelines as well. However, the most important thing to note here is that there are extra job options here that have opened up in both these countries. There have been significant labor shortages in both these countries and hence, there are about 4 lac jobs that are available in the UK and Australia in 2022.

As a result, this is the right time for student VISAs or work permit VISAs to apply for jobs in these countries and one should make the most of these opportunities.

The UK government also took some significant steps regarding this. For instance, they launched the PSW scheme after 2019 and also added India in their Youth Mobility Scheme. The Australian Government also took some steps such as rebates in the VISA fees, and moreover, it’s expected that the Government in Australia will announce some more schemes regarding the VISA programs.

These steps will not only ensure that your VISA processing is smoother but also to ensure that you are benefited from the job opportunities after getting the VISA.   

The status of traveling through the border:

There are no restrictions on traveling to the UK as of now if you have a UK VISA. Traveling to Australia though, wasn’t allowed; however, effective from 21st February 2022, you are allowed to travel to Australia. Australian borders are currently opened, however, only those who have a vaccine certificate are allowed to travel there.

I'm an international student. Do I need a visa to enter Australia?

Australia's borders are still largely restricted to the bulk of the world's population because of tight travel restrictions. But from December 2021, Australia will no longer require some international students to obtain specific approvals before they can visit the country.

The three days previous to departure, pupils must have tested negative for Covid-19 and be completely immunized with one of the vaccines recognized by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration in order to be eligible for this program On top of that, students are required to go into self-isolation for three days when they first arrive.

An International Student Arrival Plan is available in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, and Adelaide for students who are not eligible for a travel exemption. International Student Arrival Plan participants must have a valid student visa to enter the United States. Contact the Australian university where you're studying for further information on when you can enter the country and whether you'll need to apply for a travel exemption, if applicable.


 Moreover, the applications for May and July Intake 2022 are opened in Australia and hence you can apply for admission in the universities there. Therefore, check the admission guidelines of the respective universities that you want to apply to and prepare yourself accordingly. You can also take the assistance of any online education counselor regarding your document preparation, interviews, etc., so that your admission process is smooth.

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