Cost of Studying in Latvia

Welcome to Latvia, a small but beautiful country located in the EU’s Baltic region. The country provides a world-class education system, economical living standards, and low study costs. Individuals opting for this place may also get the opportunity to easily access other EU countries and enjoy their rich cultural history. Before going to study, it is important to research and budget for expenses. Come, let’s check Latvia’s educational costs and living expenses.

Tuition Fees

The cost of studying in Latvia is the first thing to check before even applying to a course or a university. Such expenses vary from one institution to another. On average, the fee ranges from €2,500 to €12,000 per year. Thus, Latvia is much more affordable compared to other EU countries. Below is a table with brief data on typical annual tuition fees for international students.

Levels of Degree Price Range (annually)
Bachelor's Degrees €3000 - €5000
Medicine Degrees €15000
Master’s Degrees €3700 - €5000

Living Expenditures

Aspirants researching and budgeting for educational costs are not the only factor to consider. Some universities may avoid including living expenditures in these costs. You should check their website thoroughly for these expenses.

Moreover, the cost of living in Latvia given below includes accommodations, food, transportation, and other personal expenses. The country has a lower cost of living than other EU countries. Such expenditures vary on the location you choose to live in and the lifestyle. Below is the brief data on living expenses.

Type of Living Expenditure Price Range
Accommodation 150-400 EUR per month
Food 150-200 EUR per month
Transportation 25-30 EUR per month
Health Insurance 100-200 EUR per year

From a financial perspective, Latvia is relatively more affordable than other EU countries. With planning and budgeting, you can enjoy a great academic and social life here. Understanding the educational costs and other living expenditures makes it easier to budget.

Start applying for universities in Latvia and begin your journey to a rewarding career. We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about the Cost of Studying in Latvia.

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Students must apply for a Long Term D Visa (valid for 90 days) to study in Latvia. According to the Immigration Law of Latvia, international students can apply for a Long Stay Visa with the diplomatic and consular representatives at the Embassy of Latvia. Additionally, an OCMA residence permit is also necessary to apply for the students.

The government of Latvia provides a State Scholarships program for international students. Undergraduates and postgraduates receive €500 per month for up to 10 months, whereas PhD students receive €700 per month for up to 11 months.

Yes, international students can work up to 20 hours per week and make around €400 to €500 per week. Working while studying makes you learn more about EU industries and benefits you in a great way. Internship programmes also give you practical experience related to your field of study.

The University of Latvia, Riga Stradins University and Riga Technical University are the top ones to pursue higher studies by international students.

Yes, it is possible to enrol in a university without IELTS. There are some conditions for the same. Like all the students who want to study in Latvia, Indians have to take care of their university interviews.

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