Why Study in Latvia?

Latvia is a country rooted deep in its historical heritage, with its cobbled streets, wooden houses synchronised in symmetry, and regal Noveau architecture making it a wonder to behold. The country is blessed with breathtaking scenery ranging from misty woodlands to crystal-clear rivers and tranquil beaches. It is a hub of local traditions, bustling city squares, and native music festivities. In addition to its multicultural vibe, Latvia boasts of a world class education inherited from the Soviet Union and is a part of the Bologna process. The country houses many accredited public and private universities, making it the most sought after destination for scholars seeking holistic education in a nurturing and supportive setting. Thus, studying in Latvia is a dream come true where high-class academics meets adventure.

Want to Study in Latvia?

Education Pattern

Education that fosters overall development is vital to keep up with the changing times. To fulfil that, Universities in Latvia extensively focus on value-based learning and skills enhancement. Also, the key focus is on the inculcation of global perspectives and personality grooming beyond classroom learning which aids a scholar in becoming industry ready. Additionally, a modern learning environment led by pioneering faculties challenges and inspires students to unlock their full potential. As a result, you'll have an opportunity to expand your horizons and be the best version of yourself.

Vibrant Culture

Latvia is a country with rich cultural traditions. People here live in a close-knit culture and exude warmth and hospitality amongst themselves and outsiders. Life here is a medley of laid-back atmosphere, community gatherings, and market squares bustling with local life. Interestingly, people over here pick forest delights such as berries, fruits and are into preservation and pickling. So remember to savour these pickled bounties and indulge in local cuisines like Latvian meatballs and smoked fish. Also, it is famously known as the nation of singers due to its preserved songs and native dance. The country hosts the renowned summer solstice festival, where thousands of choirs, folk dance groups and musicians are called to entertain. Whether you're seeking vibrant gatherings or savouring cuisine, Latvia has something for everyone.

Explore the country

Travelling in a new country after the hustle and bustle of your hectic academic life can be a medium to relax and unwind. So, if you're making a destination checklist, visiting Kuldiga, often known as the Venice of Latvia, exploring Riga, the country's capital and a magnificent urban treasure, or the sun-kissed, breezy Jurmala city are some of the places to go. And if you're an adventure enthusiast, the country doesn't disappoint you. Fortunately, Latvia gives you an abundance of outdoor pursuits ranging from adventurous hiking trails to thrilling mountain biking and ice hockey. Also, locals indulge in swimming and relaxing saunas to brave the icy winter.

To sum up, Latvia is truly a unique and unforgettable destination for students. With its rich cultural heritage, relaxing retreats and high-quality education, studying in Latvia can be a fantastic place to call home where you can find yourself and your passions.


The Latvian education system is based on practical learning coupled with industrial exposure. Universities over here focus on holistic development and skills enhancement. A vast array of programs are available for students ranging from Bachelor/ Master and Doctorate levels. Additionally, the availability of student support hubs and faculty support networks provides a nurturing environment for scholars.

Latvia's campus life is dynamic and vibrant, providing students a multicultural ambience. You'll have access to various student clubs and organisations offering the required support. Many universities also organise on-campus outings, global conferences, and artistic workshops for overall development.

Scholars can find a variety of accommodations, such as university dormitories, studio apartments, homestays, flats and much more in Latvia. You can also search through student accommodation websites, social media rental groups and rental listing sites. One can find student housing through erasmusu.com, housinganywhere.com, nestpick.com, etc.

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