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The Marketing Management Course in Italy offers a comprehensive and dynamic program for students aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of marketing. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications, the curriculum equips participants with the latest marketing strategies and digital tools.

Italian universities focus on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to tackle real-world marketing challenges.

Students benefit from a culturally enriching experience in Italy, a country known for its vibrant history and contemporary art scene. Graduates emerge with a deep understanding of marketing trends and a competitive edge in the global business landscape.

Why Study Marketing Management in Italy?

Studying Marketing Management courses in Italy offers numerous advantages for aspiring marketers.

Firstly, Italy is known for its world-class education system and renowned universities, ensuring high-quality instruction and academic excellence. The country's vibrant and diverse cultural milieu provides an enriching experience for students, fostering creativity and innovation. Marketing programs in Italy often emphasise practical learning, allowing students to gain hands-on experience through internships and industry collaborations.

Additionally, being immersed in a dynamic business environment allows students to learn from real-life case studies and develop a global perspective. Graduates from Marketing Management courses in Italy emerge with a well-rounded skill set and a competitive edge in the global marketing industry.

Marketing Management Courses in Italy

Following is the overview of the degree and diploma programs commonly available:

01. Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor in marketing management

  • Bachelor in business administration with a specialisation in Marketing Management

  • Bachelor in international marketing

  • Bachelor in digital marketing

  • Bachelor in Fashion Marketing

  • Bachelor in Luxury Brand Management and Marketing

02. Master's Programs:

  • Master in marketing management

  • Master in international marketing

  • Master in digital marketing and communication

  • Master in Brand Management

  • Masters in Luxury Marketing and Branding

03. Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma in Marketing Management

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • Diploma in Sales and Marketing

04. PhD Programs:

  • PhD programs in Marketing Management are typically more specialised and research-focused.

The specific titles of these programs may vary depending on the university, but they generally fall under the umbrella of Business Administration or Marketing.

Top Universities for Marketing Management Courses in Italy

University Name Place QS Global University Ranking 2024
Bocconi University Bocconi, Italy #544
European School of Economics Italy #661
Luiss Business School Rome, Italy #14
Webster University Geneva St. Louis, Italy #801
Antwerp Business School (UIBS) Bologna, Italy #248
ESCP Business School Warsaw, Italy #45

Cost of Studying for Marketing Management in Italy

The cost of studying for Marketing Management courses in Italy can vary depending on the university, the level of study, and whether you are an EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA student.

Here are some general cost estimates:

  • Tuition Fees: For EU/EEA students: Public universities in Italy typically offer lower tuition fees, ranging from around €900 to €4,000 per year for Bachelor's and master’s programs in Marketing Management.

  • For non-EU/EEA students: Tuition fees are generally higher, varying from around €1,500 to €12,000 per year for the same programs at public universities. Private universities may have higher tuition fees.

  • Living Expenses: Living expenses in Italy can also vary based on the city or region. On average, students should budget around €800 to €1,500 per month for accommodation, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

  • Study Materials: Students should consider the cost of study materials, such as textbooks and other academic resources, which may amount to approximately €200 to €300 per year.

  • Health Insurance: Health insurance is mandatory for international students in Italy. The cost is around €150 to €200 per year, depending on the coverage.

Cost of Living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy varies depending on the city and individual lifestyle. On average, monthly living expenses for a student can range from €800 to €1,500. Accommodation costs, including rent and utilities, can amount to €300 to €600 per month for shared apartments or university dormitories.

Food expenses may range from €150 to €250 monthly. Transportation costs with public transportation could be around €30 to €60 per month. Other expenses, including leisure activities and personal items, may add up to €100 to €200 per month.

Scholarships for Marketing Management Courses in Italy

There are various scholarships available for international students pursuing Marketing Management courses in Italy.

Some of the notable scholarships available for engineering students in Italy include:

  • Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students: These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses for international students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Italy.

  • Politecnico di Milano Merit-Based Scholarships: Politecnico di Milano offers merit-based scholarships to international students, including those studying Marketing Management, with amounts varying based on academic achievement.

  • Bocconi University Merit Awards for International Students: Bocconi University provides merit-based scholarships to exceptional international students pursuing business and marketing-related courses.

  • University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students: The University of Bologna offers various study grants to international students, which can include support for those studying Marketing Management.

  • Erasmus+ Scholarships: The Erasmus+ program offers scholarships for students from partner countries pursuing exchange programs in Italy, including marketing-related studies.

Jobs after Marketing Management Course in Italy

After completing a Marketing Management study in Italy, graduates can pursue various job opportunities across different industries. The specific job designations and salaries may vary depending on the company, location, level of experience, and individual skills.

Here are some common job designations and estimated salary ranges for marketing management graduates in Italy:

  • Marketing Coordinator: Salary range - €25,000 to €35,000 per year

  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Salary range - €28,000 to €40,000 per year

  • Brand Manager: Salary range - €30,000 to €45,000 per year

  • Market Research Analyst: Salary range - €25,000 to €35,000 per year

  • Sales Manager: Salary range - €30,000 to €50,000 per year

  • Public Relations Specialist: Salary range - €25,000 to €40,000 per year

  • Social Media Manager: Salary range - €25,000 to €40,000 per year

  • Advertising Account Executive: Salary range - €25,000 to €35,000 per year

  • Product Manager: Salary range - €35,000 to €50,000 per year

  • E-commerce Manager: Salary range - €30,000 to €45,000 per year


Studying a Marketing Management course in Italy is an exceptional career choice for several compelling reasons. Italy's renowned educational institutions offer high-quality programs with a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The diverse and dynamic cultural environment stimulates creativity, fostering innovative marketing strategies. Graduates gain a global perspective and adaptability, preparing them for the international job market. Italy's thriving business landscape and strong ties to various industries open up abundant opportunities for marketing professionals.

With a vibrant arts and fashion scene, students can develop a unique flair for creativity in brand management. Overall, pursuing Marketing Management in Italy equips individuals with a competitive edge and a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

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Yes, many universities in Italy offer Marketing Management courses in English to accommodate international students.

The course emphasises skills like market research, brand management, digital marketing, consumer behaviour analysis, strategic planning, and effective communication.

Yes, many Marketing Management courses in Italy incorporate internships or practical projects to provide hands-on experience and industry exposure.

Yes, there are various scholarships and financial aid options available for international students pursuing Marketing Management courses in Italy.

Graduates can pursue careers as marketing coordinators, brand managers, digital marketing specialists, market research analysts, sales managers, and more in diverse industries worldwide.

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