What are the documents needed to apply for the IMAT exams and how to get them translated accordingly


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Registration for the IMAT test Make an Universitaly account once the Ministry of Education (MIUR) announces the date for the IMAT registration. Pay for the IMAT Exam online through this account, which can have different costs depending on the currency. Select one of the available test centers nearby your location to complete the exam in. If you wish to do the exam in Italy, you must pick your first choice. This is really important. You will receive two emails. One of the emails will be sent to the email address you filled out when you created your Universitaly account, and confirms that your registration for the exam has been successful, with the details of the time, place and test center you have chosen. You will receive the second email to the email address you provided when paying for the IMAT Exam (email of the cardholder), and will confirm that you have successfully paid for it.

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