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How can I study abroad, if I don’t have money?



Meridean Overseas

If you have the right determination to study abroad there are a lot of options available to fulfill your dreams. Many universities around the world are providing student-friendly grants and scholarships. There are so many financial institutions supported by the government to help economically backward students to fulfill their education needs with a longer tenure for repayment.

The following attributes may be helpful while you are planning to study with a limited budget.

  • There are many European countries offering free higher education to all aspiring international students who qualify for their admission criteria.
  • Plan in advance – You should have a fair idea about how much you require for a fee, what are the living expenses, what are the boarding expenses, travel expenses, selection of programs, fee comparison of different programs, financial aid available for different courses/universities, etc.
  • Carefully select your destination country and course of study.
  • Explore all the available financial aid options for the particular course, university, and country.
  • Proper budgeting and getting consulted through a professional career counselor.
  • Selection of courses with short duration/countries with shorter duration for degree and postgraduate courses.
  • Selecting countries where you are allowed to work while doing studies and earn to fund your expenses. 

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