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Can I get a UK visa without an interview?



Meridean Overseas

Approval of a UK student visa is based on the legitimacy of your application and the genuineness of submitted documents. It is not necessary that each and every candidate will be interviewed by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI). However, universities in the UK take the pre-CAS interviews to assure UKVI that you are a genuine student before issuing a CAS (Conformity of Acceptance for Studies) letter.

UKVI insists on an interview under the following circumstances, while assessing student visa applications.

  • Shortfalls in UKVI visa application such as misinformation, errors, or any type of omissions may prompt UKVI to take the interview to affirm reasons for UK visa.
  • Any lacunae or discrepancies in submitted documents.
  • In case of unusual age gap of 6-8 years without a job.
  • Switching to a course that is entirely different from your stream of study.

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