Why Study in Poland

Welcome to the land of pierogi and potatoes!

Studying in Poland offers you a plethora of opportunities to experience a unique culture, world-class education, and stunning natural landscapes. With a strong focus on research and innovation, the country has some of the top universities in Poland . Are you ready to discover why education here is the ultimate academic adventure? Let's find out!

Want to Study in Poland?

Stellar Reasons for Studying in Poland

High-quality Education

Poland has many prestigious universities, one of the most renowned being the Jagiellonian University ranked 1st among the Best Universities in Poland by US News. Its education framework is based on hands-on practical learning with industry exposure, that every scholar seeks. Poland’s education system and institutions promote cross-cultural exchanges by organising conferences led by pioneering leaders, thereby integrating students into the global arena.

Cultural Diversity

This country is a multicultural nation that welcomes people from around the world. Studying in Poland allows you to experience diverse cultures and build international networks. Universities over here offer you a supportive and inclusive environment where scholars from different backgrounds thrive and feel at home.

Affordable Living Costs

The cost of living in Poland fascinates most international students due to the affordability. The expected expenditure is reasonable and easily manageable, from the cost of food, accommodations, transport, etc. Aside from manageable living standards, students also get easy access to explore other EU countries.

Scholarship Opportunities

Poland offers various scholarships through universities, government, and other foundations. Such opportunities are available for all students. The number of scholarships offered to a student depends on the type of study. After completing your application to a chosen university, they will inform you of scholarship opportunities. Some of them are mentioned below:

Scholarships Bilateral Agreements
CEEPUS Exchange Program 16 Central and Eastern European countries whose exchanged students are exempt from paying tuition fees plus grants funded by the hosting country
Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet Countries Scholarships Belarusian students for BA, MA and PhD studies, funded by the Konstanty Kalinowski Foundation
Scholarships For Citizens from Developing Countries PhD level of studies in technical fields in Poland, funded by the Polish government
Fulbright Program grants for funding an exchange program between the United and Poland, administered by the Polish-US Fulbright Commission
Visegrad Scholarship Program 1-4 semester scholarships for Master and Post-Master degrees, administered by the heads of the international Vise grad fund.

Vibrant Student Life

Poland also offers a vibrant student life with many clubs and social and cultural events. International students can join clubs and societies, attend cultural activities, and explore Poland’s rich heritage. Poland has something for everyone, from its bustling city life to cosmopolitan vibes. Moreover, students can immerse themselves in nightlife, parties, music festivals, and much more when looking for good vibes.


In summary, studying in Poland allows you to explore this land of pierogi and potatoes. The country has a variety of fun things to enrich your educational experience abroad. Poland provides international students an experience filled with heritage, art, clubs, bars, sports, and cuisine. Studying here is an excellent choice with endless prospects for personal and academic growth.

We trust that this information has assisted you in determining your interest to study in Poland.

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The Cost of Study in Poland for international students varies from 500 EUR to 6,000 EUR per academic year for a Bachelor's Degree and 1,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR annually for a Master’s Degree. Whereas some degrees, like MBA or Dentistry, can cost up to 15,000 EUR per year for public universities.

Students must demonstrate proficiency in English by taking standardised language proficiency tests. IELTS is one of them, but some universities may have higher requirements. It is always advised to check the university website.

When the stay is at most 3 days, PLN 300 is the required amount for a Poland study visa for an overall stay. But when exceeding 3 days, you must submit proof of PLN 75 for every stay.

According to Statista, the salary of students in Poland in 2022 varies majorly from PLN 2000 to PLN 3000 for 30.6%. International students working part-time earn up to PLN 1600, while full-timers can earn PLN 3200.

According to Barometru Zawodów, Poland is searching for doctors, construction workers, drivers and porters as there is a high demand for these skills. There is a constant need for specialists in certain professions.

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