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Presentation recruitment head Daniel Cuffe on University of East London:

We are the University of East London, and our mission statement states that we are a careers focused university, which I believe means two things to people: firstly, we have careers, so we want to prepare you for the jobs and opportunities of the future; secondly, for some of you, that means moving into a specific profession or sector, and you'll have a very clear goal in terms of what you want to achieve in your professional and working life; and thirdly, for others, it means moving into a broad field,

Candidates benefit:

In other words, we want people to stand out as candidates for large international corporations and companies; we want people to be leading professionals within their sector; but we are also very conscious that as a university, we do not want to be a conveyor belt for candidates applying for jobs. Instead, we want to help you feel empowered and able and ready to set up companies to be leaders in your sector; and that's what caliber is all about.

This means that you must be prepared to start your own business and be able to employ other people in order to fundamentally change and benefit the communities and societies in which you live. This is our mission statement at the University of East London: we will prepare you for your future careers, as well as for what we refer to as Industry 4.0, which is the fourth industrial revolution.


The university extends an invitation to you to join and become a member of their community. The London Stadium, which is now the home of West Ham United, is also a legacy of the 2012 London Olympics, and we, as a sports university, have strong linkages to not only West Ham, but to all of those athletic facilities as well. These are just a few examples of how we have strong relationships to West Ham. You know how diverse our umm community in East London is, and it's something that you know we're quite proud of, but for you, as young international students, this all appears to be really positive for your future.


We have the largest Bloom Bloomfield trading set suite of any institution in the UK, as well as facilities for students interested in public health or life sciences. Our campus and facilities are ideal for students interested in business. For those aspiring lawyers, we've got a full-service fake hospital wing. We have a mooting room, and so all of these facilities are designed to help you immerse yourself in your subject and gain the practical experience you need before you begin applying for jobs.. East London is home to three of our campuses.

Our biggest campus in the docklands is attempting to create what we call a "sticky" campus, which means that when students come to the university, they don't just enter the lecture theater and study for a few hours in the morning; instead, they spend the rest of their time in the library or on the subway, and then return home.

As a university, we strive to establish an atmosphere that encourages you to stay on campus and become a part of the community.

Diverse programs:

To determine whether or not you are serious about attending the University of East London, I urge that you visit our website and browse through the numerous types of virtual events that we provide. If you're serious about pursuing an MBA, we'll host a virtual engagement event where the program directors for the MBA will deliver a discussion and then conduct a master class for prospective MBA candidates.

Students in our degree programs are given the opportunity to improve their emotional and professional well-being. We get you ready for the major shift in your work life and all of its rigors. What does it mean to be human in a world where artificial intelligence and automation are on the rise, and what the advantages of ensuring that despite these shifts are, the need for individuals to be human at work will persist.

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