Ulster University Scholarships: International Benefits 2024

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Ranking of Ulster University, U.K

This Ulster University is one of the oldest universities in the world for study in UK that was established in 1968. As far as the ranking is concerned, this university is ranked amongst the top 600 universities worldwide.


Why choose Ulster University, U.K : Three campuses 

One of the major reasons why the Ulster University is an ideal study center for students is that it has three campuses. They are in London, Birmingham, and Belfast. This is the only University in the UK which has three campuses within the UK only.


As a result, this gives the advantage to the students to pick any campus location for admission they desire as per their convenience. Besides, the criteria for admission in this university are also pretty flexible.


Application process at Ulster University, U.K

The University accepts almost all types of applications. However, the most important criteria here to remember is that a candidate must have a score of 70% in English subject in their 12th standard to get direct admission to this university. In such a case, a candidate doesn’t need to undergo any kind of language test.


Ulster University, U.K  Intakes

This university is quite a in demand in the months of May, and September, January intake because, firstly, its campuses are based in London and the scholarship it provides is a genuine one. As far as the scholarship is concerned, a student can get a scholarship here that is up to 3000 pounds per year.


Tuition fees at University of Ulster

The tuition fees for different courses of this University vary from 14000 to 15000 pounds. There are several courses available for study in this university; however, the main focus here is on the research-oriented courses.  The nursing and biomedical course offered by this university is ranked amongst the top 10 courses offered by universities across the UK. So, those who are interested in nursing and biomedical courses, The Ulster University is undoubtedly the one to go for.


Courses and Scholarship at Ulster University, U.K

Many courses at Ulster University have been accredited by professional organizations and include work experiences. Northern Ireland is one of the most reasonable student cities in the United Kingdom, with a vast variety of cultural, social, and historic attractions to explore. International students at Ulster University can apply for a variety of scholarships.


Ulster University offers two full-time undergraduate scholarships, one at 50% and the other at 40%, to current Pakistani students from the City School network of schools. For each level of study that is qualified, the scholarship will be paid out just once, as long as all the progression conditions are met.


1 x 50% tuition fee scholarship:

In September 2021, Ulster University started offering a 50% tuition price scholarship for a full-time undergraduate program. For up to three years, this scholarship covers a 50% discount in tuition fees.


1 x 40% tuition fee scholarship:

Up to three years of full-time undergraduate study at Ulster University are eligible for a 40 percent tuition fee assistance. For up to three years, a 40 percent discount in tuition costs is covered by this scholarship.


Students are responsible for covering the costs of living, lodging, and obtaining a student visa, which are not covered by the scholarships.


Visit:- www.ulster.ac.uk for more information about their programs. Additionally, you may reach them at global@ulster.ac.uk.

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