LATEST UPDATE! | UK visa Delay 2023 | Processing Time and Updates | UKVI Updates

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Today, we will talk about the concerns faced by students preparing to embark on their journey to the UK for the January intake. We're focusing on those of you who have already applied for your visas and are currently facing delays. Let's explore the reasons behind these delays and how you can address the concerns and ensure a smooth visa application process.


Two major factors are contributing to the delays you may be experiencing:


First, if you've filed your visa application through a dependent, it's likely to take longer. To resolve this, you need to provide substantial evidence to prove your legal partnership. Ensure including attested photos, your marriage certificate, and other relevant evidence. Adding pictures that reflect your relationship can also strengthen your case. The more you demonstrate your marriage is genuine, the faster your visa can be processed.


The second significant delay factor is related to bank verification. To tackle this issue, ensure that you attach a business card of the branch manager of your bank along with their email address and phone number in a PDF format. This will allow the bank to verify your financial documents as quickly as possible. Additionally, request the bank to send an email confirming the validity of the funds in your account directly to the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) department. This can expedite the verification process.


If you're already facing delays, there's a straightforward solution. You can send an email to UKVI explaining the duration of the delay. Even the Super Priority Visa, which is guaranteed to be processed within 48 hours, is experiencing delays of up to 20 days. By emailing UKVI, you'll receive a response within 48 hours. This can prompt a faster review of your file and expedite the decision-making process.


In summary, if you have filed your visa application through a dependent, ensure you provide ample evidence of your genuine partnership. For bank verification, include your bank manager's details in a PDF along with an email confirming the validity of your funds.


Don't hesitate to email UKVI if you're experiencing delays – they are there to help. Keep in mind that even with the Super Priority Visa, there might be delays, but with your proactive approach, your application can move through the process more swiftly.


Your education and dreams of studying in the UK are essential, and I hope these tips help you avoid unnecessary delays. Stay proactive, and I wish you a smooth journey to your education in the UK.


Stay vigilant, and we wish you a successful and seamless experience as you pursue your studies in the United Kingdom.


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