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UK VISA and Application Process-Study in UK

The United Kingdom is considered the best place to live and study. It is one of the top workings and study destinations in the world and is mostly preferred by Indian students. The process of getting a VISA in the UK is quite easier than in any other country. For more information regarding the UK study VISA process, you can visit our website.

Application Process

To get enrolled in the best universities and colleges in the UK, you need to undergo a simple process to get your study VISA in the UK. There is a sequence of processes to approach your VISA and they are:

  1. Application Submission at the University or College
  1. Receiving the Offer Letter
  1. completing the college/university interview
  1. Initial payment
  1. Cash Letter Request
  1. VISA lodging
  1. Receiving the VISA

1) Documents required for university or college application submission

To submit your application to a UK university or college, you need to possess the following documents:

  1. Secondary Education Mark Sheet (10th)
  1. Senior Secondary Education Mark Sheet (12th)
  2. Bachelor’s degree and Mark Sheets
  3. Work Experience letter, if any
  4. Any English proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc., or a grade point average of at least 65% in English in Class 12th or any English test administered by that university)

NOTE-Sports excellence certificate cannot be applied for any scholarship in the UK as if you submit this certificate as your extra-curricular activity, the UK government will not consider you as a student after viewing it, and they will consider you as a professional player, which leads to VISA rejection.

2)    Offer Letter, Interview, and Initial payment Process.

After you have submitted all your academic documents for the UK Visa Application, you need to wait for your Offer Letter. The waiting time for your offer letter can be between 15 and 40 days. After receiving your offer letter, you have a time period of 10 to 15 days to prepare for your interview and also to deposit your initial payment of £1500.

The time of the interview and the initial payment to the university or college depends on the particular university. The interview can be done before the offer letter has been received or after receiving the offer letter. And if we talk about the initial payment, it can also be asked by the university to submit it before your interview or after you have given your interview.

This process differs from university to university and college to college. It can be understood by an example from the University of East London, where after receiving the offer letter, the initial payment of £1500 is to be made. Your interview is to be scheduled after the initial payment. If you have not submitted your initial payment, your interview will not be scheduled.

When you get selected for the interview, you need to submit 50% of the tuition fee amount to the university to get enrolled there. After this process, you need to make a request to receive the cash letter, which is required for the VISA.

3) Documents needed to receive a Cash Letter

The next step, after receiving the offer letter and getting your interview done, is to proceed with the cash letter request. To request a cash letter, you have to submit your financial documents. The financial documents should indicate an amount of 1,300,000 INR to 1,350,000 INR. Funds that are acceptable include:

  1. Funds in Savings Account/Joint Account
  1. Liquid funds, such as fixed deposits or any fund from which you can easily withdraw funds when needed.
  1. Education Loan

Funds that are not accepted include:

  1. Funds in the Current Account
  1. Stocks, real estate, and other assets from which you cannot easily withdraw funds when needed.

NOTE- The funds which you are going to show in your financial statements need to be 28 days old to get your cash letter.

VISA Request and Approval Time

When you have received your cash letter, it's now time to lodge a VISA. When your VISA has been filed, you need to wait for your VISA for 5 to 7 weeks for its arrival. To have a smooth VISA process for the UK, visit our website where you can book a virtual session with our UK VISA expert. You can also visit our nearest office branch in your locality for more information.

The intake for September 2022 and January 2023 is open for many universities. You can visit our nearest branch or call on the toll-free number 1800-1230-00011 or reach us at application02@meridean.org to get your queries solved by our experts.

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