2022 UK Student Visa Rules & Requirements for International Students

Education available in the UK

Here we will discuss about the education opportunities available in UK in 2022 for those students who are planning for studies in this country. Besides the education opportunities, we will talk about the rules and regulations for study in UK and also the way the support from the UK government can be obtained. So, stay tuned.

Education and immigration:

Firstly, we will talk about the education in UK and its immigration policies. Till 2019 and before, the common myth people had that was there would be no job opportunities for people who wanted to migrate to that country and hence they won’t be able to settle there. This was factually correct because, in those days, the chances to settle in UK were about 5%. This too only if you had a great academic record-the courses you had taken should be highly professional. Besides, students who had only come from IT or medical background would have had the opportunity get a job and settle in UK.

Most people still believe that the opportunities to settle in UK are far less as compared to Australia, and Canada.  However, these are merely myths now and the situations have changed over the years.

Opportunities to get a job and settle in the UK:

Post 2019, this is just a myth now that there are no opportunities to get a job and settle in UK. Firstly, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson, the home secretary and the Prime Minister of UK, are currently working very aggressively regarding immigration. Remember there had been pretty major shortage of labor in UK, especially after Brexit.  This shortage of professional people is continually increasing in UK. As a result, there is a substantial requirement of people who could visit UK and work.

Work directly to the people of the European Union:

The best possible solution according to the UK government is that instead of giving direct work permit to the EU people (people from European Union), they would try and recruit/acquire the best talent possible from world over. Hiring the best possible talent would mean that they could get the best of the professionals to work in this country and could deliver to their optimum potential.

Obtaining a student visa:

Now, the best resource to get the best talent from any country would be the students. As a result, the UK government is now pretty lenient on student VISAs. The VISA success rate for students VISAs in UK is 95% and over currently. If you compare these with that of Australia and Canada, you’ll need to produce several documents to get a student VISA such as IT return files, etc., and also the process of getting a student VISA is pretty lengthy, the procedure to get a student VISA in UK is now relatively easy and quick-(this does not mean though that there are no opportunities for professional growth in Australia or Canada, it’s just the process of obtaining a student VISA in both Australia and Canada is pretty lengthy).

Currently, May Intake for 2022 in available in UK. Also, all the processes of getting a student VISA for UK will now be pretty smooth and there is no need to produce IT return files or any other proof of income to get a student VISA in this country. All you need to show is funds that are older than 28 days and you will be eligible to apply for a student VISA.

IHS and Visa Fees:

Besides, the IHS and the VISA fees in UK are also going to be reduced as per some of the recent updates.  UK has already launched PSW (post study work permit) which is valid for 2 years. Besides, if you complete PHD, you’ll have a 3-year PSW.  Also, a pounds-based immigration system has been launched where if an individual earns a salary of 18000 pounds or more, and has completed any highly-skilled course, they can easily settle in UK.

Youth Mobility Scheme by UK Government:

For India specially, the UK government has decided to grant 3000 work permits under the Youth Mobility Scheme. This plan has already been initiated and will be granted to people from 18 to 30 years of age. One needs to have a Bachelor’s degree and a 3-years work experience to be eligible for this scheme.

That’s all we have for now. Thanks!

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