UK Travel Updates & Simple Student Visa Process | Study in UK 2022

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Education plans in the UK in January and May 2022:

Today’s discussion will be beneficial for those who are planning for education in the UK for January and May intake 2022. We will highlight the updates/changes regarding travel and other regulations/guidelines on VISA.

First of all, you should know that the UK governments approach or outlook towards the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, is entirely different compared to some other nations around the world. This is pretty surprising because instead of increasing the restrictions (which most other countries are doing), they have become pretty lenient.

Earlier, to travel to UK, one had to show their COVID-19 negative test report, or had to fill up the Passenger Health Locator form, one had to clear a COVID-19 test after reaching UK, on the 3rd and 8th day after you reached, then after you cleared your test, you had to go for quarantine etc., and several other things. However, the UK government has scrapped all those restrictions and is approaching this pandemic situation like any other normal circumstance.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that increasing those restrictions will only hamper the UK economy rather than developing it. The UK government feels that the virus spreads much more locally than   from the travelers. So, what they are emphasizing is to focus on doing simple things instead of putting more restrictions on travel such as wearing masks at all times, sanitization,  social distancing, etc.

This is what refers to Plan “B” strategy which is adopted by the UK government which has eased out the restrictions considerably. Visit the website of the UK government to know more about the latest rules and regulations. Here you will find that besides no requirement of COVID tests, you don’t need to be in a quarantine period in any country in the UK no matter wherever you are traveling from.

Restrictions on using Plan B:

In the UK, prohibitions on using Plan B will be lifted on January 27. The COVID passport will no longer be required to enter large events or to work from home. There will still be a recommendation from the government to wear face coverings in enclosed or crowded areas, but this will not be a requirement. Face masks will no longer be necessary in the classroom as of January 20. Government guidance on the wearing of masks in public places is being phased out by the Department of Education.

The following are other noteworthy developments in the UK's testing regulations:

  • As on January 17, 2022, those in England who have tested positive for COVID-19 will only be required to stay in self-isolation for five days. On days five and six, people can be released from isolation if they have two negative lateral flow tests.
  • If two negative lateral flow test results are provided on days six and seven, self-isolation in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales can be reduced to seven days instead of ten.
  • Even if a person is vaccinated, they must be quarantined for a full ten days if they come into contact with a positive case.
  • No longer will a follow-up PCR be required for patients who test positive with a lateral flow device for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic beginning January 6, 2022, in Scotland and January 11, 2022 in England.

So, for those who are planning for education in the UK, this is the best opportunity that one can avail to get education and thereafter a fruitful career in the UK.

 Thank you!

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