UK Immigration: Surpasses 600K Int'l Student Goal 10 Yrs Ahead | 2022 UK Student Visa

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Today, we will talk about the UK education system and the demands/job opportunities that lie ahead in this nation. According to a recent article from The Pie News, the UK achieved their target that they set for themselves regarding the students 10 years ago. The target for them was to acquire 6,00,00,00 students to come and study there which was achieved successfully. This goes to show that there is a massive demand for Indian students in the UK.

Also, another reputed Indian newspaper Times of India states that students must choose the UK for studies abroad over any other destination as far as overseas education is concerned. There are a few reasons for this:


The universities in the UK are very credible because the UK education system has existed for a long time.  Moreover, according to the QS rankings, there are 20 UK universities amongst the top 100 best universities in the world.  


UK universities are the most affordable university amongst all the English-speaking countries in the world. These universities offer genuine scholarships. In the UK, there are a few universities, such as Worcester, where there are scholarships granted worth 3000 to 4000 pounds for students with 55 to 60% marks in their board exams. Besides, the course fees for Masters Program in UK universities are under 10, 00,000 (INR).     


The UK has a mixed culture. This country has people from many nationalities and it’s easy for a student to mix with them. Moreover, due to this, there are several cuisines available here which ensures that one won’t have a problem with fooding (and lodging also) in this nation.

Work Placement after completing a degree:

This is the final and the most important reason why people would like to settle in the UK. If an individual completes their bachelors or masters in any university in the UK, they become eligible for a PSW for 2 years in the UK. Moreover, for those who complete a PHD from the UK, the PSW will be for 3 years. The PSW guarantees that those who have successfully completed their respective degrees here can continue to work full time for the stipulated years allowed under the PSW. Not only that, students can also continue with part-time work while studying here.

Besides, students can do a full time job during the vacations offered by the respective colleges/universities in the UK (typically 4 to 5 months).

Finally, the applications for May and September Intake 2022 are opened in UK universities. Hence, students interested in applying should check the enrolment criteria for these universities and apply accordingly for admission. They can also take the help of some reputed education counseling agencies if they want.

These counseling agencies will help you with live video sessions and assist you in filling up your application form in a detailed way. Moreover, they can help you with the admission procedure not only in the UK, but also in other countries like Australia, Canada, USA, etc.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to make a dream career by settling abroad. Hence, one should make the best out of this golden opportunity.

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