UK Immigration Rules Eased: Study In UK Student Visa 2021-2022

UK immigration rules

Here in we will talk about the MAC or the Migration Advisory Committee. This committee is in charge of all the rules and regulations and updates in VISA. The committee published a report annually that shows what are the demands of VISAs, whether they need to be stricter on them or be a little loose on them, etc.

MAC guidelines:

So, as per the new update released by the MAC, the immigration laws will be more flexible in the coming times.

This is because there are substantial vacancies available in UK and hence there are opportunities for people to make their career there. As of now, there are about 1.2 million job opportunities that are available in UK according to MAC. All these jobs are available after Bachelors, Masters, etc. Besides, these jobs are available in different sectors. As per the last update released by MAC, the minimum salary threshold for these jobs were 30,000 pounds, however, it has been reduced to 25,600 pounds now.

As a result, you can get work permit in UK under the guidelines issues by the MAC. After these steps were taken, there were 70% of increment in work VISAs list and, amongst it, 45% jobs were obtained by the Indians. This means that India was on the top of that list.

Job facilities for NON-EU:

This also means that in the coming times, the immigration rules will be smoother and there will be job opportunities created with the times to come. This will be more so for non-EU such as people from India, Pakistan, and Nepal.  The students from China and India are the most ones who travel to UK for studies.

UK has a lot of opportunities for overseas students:

The United Kingdom has historically had the world's second-largest contingent of overseas students behind the United States, although the country faces competition from Australia in the near future. After the UK leaves the European Union, new threats arise. A decline in the UK’s overall market share and increased recruitment efforts by rival countries has occurred even as the number of international students has increased in recent years.

The MAC is aware that competitors of the United Kingdom require students to get visas in order to enter as students, but any obstacles to student mobility are likely to have a negative impact on their mobility.

Other recommendations:

They recommend:

To be eligible to stay in the UK after the course has ended, you must meet progress requirements and complete the course. If you do, you will be granted an additional 12 months of leave to remain in the UK. Doctoral Extensions would be replaced by this new program, which would have the same rights but would not require a visa application;

To allow students from Tier 4 to Tier 2 visas to apply for a two-year term to apply outside the country, they should be excluded from the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) and the Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) for that time period, like current in-country Tier 4 to Tier 2 switches.


There are plenty of opportunities for work in UK if you have the required credentials and you can meet the eligibility criteria prescribed according to the VISA requirements. So, if you are planning to settle abroad, the coming days are really bright for you.

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