UK Immigration Latest Updates : Point Based Immigration System

First way point-based immigration system launched by UK government

Hello friends,

Today we will talk about the different opportunities opened by the UK government regarding immigration. After Brexit took place, the UK government has been continually increasing their global VISA methods. Amongst these methods, the first one that was initiated by the government was point-based immigration system.

According to this system, any qualified individual and falls under the high-skilled category, they become eligible for an employment in UK and there are several VISA opportunities available to them as of now.

Skilled workers who are sponsored by an approved business can take advantage of the points-based system.

RQF3 or higher minimum for position offer:

RQF3 or higher is the minimum requirement for the position you've been offered (equivalent to A level). In addition, you'll need to be fluent in English and have a sponsor who is willing to pay you the required stipend. Either the overall pay ceiling of £25,600 or the going rate for your job will apply here.

By 'trading' points on specific attributes, you may still be eligible if you earn less than £20,480 per year but not less than £20,480 per year. While this isn't required, having a PhD relevant to the work can help you get hired.

Visas issued in the past:

Last year in 2021, approximately 1, 80,000 VISAs/work permits were issued by the UK government outside the European countries such as India, China, Pakistan, etc.  Besides, in the coming times, the UK government is expected to modify their polices which will ensure that more VISAs are granted compared to whatever was issued in the past.

UK government introduces more visas:

It is expected that the new UK government will introduce more VISAs for business and also there will be more improvements in the policies resulting in changes in scale of VISAs, PSW student VISAs, etc.  It is also expected that in the coming three years, the policies are going to become more lenient rather than getting stricter, which is definitely a good news for people looking to settle there. This is an immigration-pro government which is why a lot of people can be benefited from them.

Also, the May 2022 Intake is still opened in UK for admission and students can book their seats now.

Second Change Youth Mobility Scheme by UK Government:

The other change that the UK government has brought about is the Youth Mobility Scheme. This scheme will now be opened for India and 3000 VISAs will be granted to the Indian Youth to get a work permit and settle in UK. This opportunity can be availed this year in January itself and the applications are opened now.

Before you apply, do remember that your age must be from 18 to 30 years to become eligible for the scheme.

So, friends, for those who have the desire to get a job and settle in UK, this is a golden opportunity for them to pursue their dream goal. Most of us had a myth that it is far easier to get a VISA/PR in Canada because the process to obtain a VISA is very simple than that of UK. However, the new UK government has broken that myth by streamlining the VISA process and opening up several opportunities for many.

We hope you liked this information. Until next time, bye.

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