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After the republic day program, UK President Boris Johnson tweeted that the UK government is keen on improving the relationship between India and UK which has been lasting for decades now. According to them this is possibly the best time because after Brexit, there is a lot of pressure on Boris Johnson to stabilize the UK economy. Not only that but they also need to meet the demand for labor in the UK as there are a lot of job opportunities that exist there currently.

The issues with shortages of labor in the UK is related to both skilled and unskilled labor. As a result, the best resources that they can obtain to meet such a labor shortage is India. Although the UK had international relationships with China previously, however, with the decline in such relationships, the next focus of the UK government to hire workers is India.

The UK often faces labor shortages in various fields, be it for doctors, nurses, truck drivers, and many others because after Brexit, many European nations have returned to their respective countries and hence India stands as the only option that can meet the labor shortage issues in the UK.

Keeping these factors in mind, the UK government has released two VISAs. The first is the Youth Mobility scheme-under which 3000 work VISAs will be granted to the Indian youth aged from 18 to 30 years after they have completed their graduation.

Moreover, there are chances that the UK government can increase the number of work permits in future if the labor needs are increased in that nation.

Also remember that the PSW after graduation and Masters Degree completion is 2 years whereas the time limit for PSW after one completes their PHD (Doctorate program) is 3 years.    

As a result, the myths that there are no PR’s available in the UK don't exist any longer. In fact, it is expected that the UK is going to generate substantial job opportunities in the coming times for Indian citizens which is, indeed, great news.

Applying for a Standard Visitor VISA:

To obtain a Standard Visitor visa, you must first apply online and then schedule an appointment at a visa application center before departing for the United Kingdom.

Three months prior to your intended departure date is the earliest date at which you can submit an application. To be eligible, you must meet certain conditions and limit your actions to those that are allowed.

In some cases, you may not need a visa to enter the United Kingdom. Before you apply, you may find out if you'll require a visa.

The UK presents a golden opportunity for people who have always dreamt of settling abroad with a fruitful career. The VISA process is pretty smooth in this country and hence the myth that getting a VISA in the UK is very much challenging no longer exists. As a result, getting a job in the UK is now as simple as getting an employment in Canada or Australia.

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