UK Youth Mobility Scheme 2021 Update: 3000 Work Visas | UK Work Visa 2021-2022

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Today, we'll be discussing the new Youth Mobility Scheme, which has been introduced for students outside of Europe. Even though this system was already in place all around the world, for India it was only recently included. Australia, New Zealand, and the United States have already been added to the list.

The Youth Mobility Scheme:

Every year, 3000 student work visas would be made available to students from India under this plan. This program is open to those who have already earned a bachelor's degree and have worked for at least three years. Furthermore, the age limit for this program is between the ages of 18 and 30. In January, 2022, the first allotment will be open for applications, so students who are interested in applying can do so at that time.

Work in the UK for a minimum of two years with this work permit, which can be extended if a person finds work or receives sponsorship from the company for which they will work. To qualify for permanent residency, a person must have a sponsor letter and have worked in the country for five years.

RQF level 6 certification:

To qualify for the Youth Mobility Scheme, an Indian citizen may need to have a certain amount of education or work experience.

You must have a certificate of at least RQF level 6 and written confirmation from the granting institution that you have finished your studies and graduated with a suitable certification if you want to meet this criterion through education.

It is necessary for an applicant to have at least three years of relevant professional work experience in a job that is similar to an eligible occupation listed in Appendix Skilled Jobs. When applying for a job, it is important to offer documentation of previous employment, such as authentic paystub slips from an applicant's previous employer that clearly identify the applicant's job title and company name.

UK has a major labour shortage:

Unquestionably, there is a major labor shortage in the United Kingdom at the moment. Industry-specific effects are becoming more pronounced. Between June and August 2021, the number of job vacancies surpassed one million for the first time since records began. For the next two years, there will be a lack of workers.

If immigration is a part of the solution, then training and apprenticeship incentives may also be beneficial long-term. However, a short-term fix is needed.

If the Youth Mobility Scheme is expanded to Indian nationals, there may be some relief in particular businesses. This visa is open to anyone who wants to work in the UK on a contract or agency basis at any level.


The admissions process for the May, 2022, Intake at 12 to 15 colleges and institutions in UK has officially been launched. Consider this your last chance to get into college before it is too late.

With the Youth Mobility Scheme, millions of Indians can embark on a rewarding career overseas. So, try to make the most of this opportunity.

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