UK Big Update - Post Study Work Visa for Students 2021(In Details)

Hello friends welcome to Meridean Overseas, today we will be talking about PSW i.e. post-study work permit update in this video which the UK launched in 2019, and we will be talking about this in the video.

Friends from 1st July 2021 application is started for PSW and those student who has already reached the UK or those who had completed their degree and came to India or already reached to their home town are also eligible for PSW. Early this date was extended till September 2021 i.e. if you have completed your degree in June 2021 then you can launch PSW. if you have completed your degree in April 2021 or June 2021 if you have completed your degree then you had time till September 2021 for application.

But UK government had some major announcements special in the last few years, if we see in the last few years UK government is constantly updating their decisions in favor of students like PSW, youth mobility scheme with India or point-based immigration system taking forward this UK government also announces one more thing i.e. if students complete their education online as their the sponsor confirm their degree, means if your university confirms your degree that you have completed your degree and there is no condition on your degree than till April  2022 you can visit the UK and put your application for PSW that mean the extension given to you from April to September 2021 is now extended to April 2022. By looking at this pandemic this update has been made by the UK government and now you can file your PSW application till April 2022 there and you can take the work permit benefit for 2 years.

Along with this UK government also added one more thing that if there will be a necessity to extend this date as the situation of a pandemic is not improved then this date may be extended as they don’t want any student to rush to reach the UK also they want to keep in mind the heavy traffic if the pandemic situation didn’t improve then the student will not have that vast job opportunity that is why the extension date is increased again and again.

So till April 2022 if you have right now completed your degree then you are also eligible and along with those students who are taking September intake then this is also beneficial for them as if this situation continues then the UK government is also flexible. This is an indication from the UK government.

If we talk about the years 2011,2012 and 2013 UK government was very rigid regarding international students and for their settlements and also finished the PSW and we are able to see a different face of the UK government i.e. overfriendly UK government. No other country is putting this much of a friendly atmosphere for the international government.

India, Nigeria, and China are the three countries from where many students are going to the UK.

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