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Top courses in UK universities

There are many international students who choose UK universities as their study abroad destination. The universities are world-renowned for their dynamic curriculum and practical approach to studies. They focus on providing the foundation and pathway to the students so that they can thrive throughout their jobs. Also, they provides with an advanced education system which makes a better impact and understanding in the minds of the students.

The students get to develop a global perspective in their respective field since they meet many students and experts from all over the world. The UK offers international students an academic experience that is very hard to beat and required by the modern professions. University provide students with a wide variety of courses which provides flexibility to students as they can opt from the wide range according to their interests. Having education from the top universities of UK, opens the doors for the job opportunity in top companies worldwide. There are many universities in UK which are ranked among the world’s top universities.

Birmingham City University

It is one of the best universities located in Birmingham, UK providing high-quality, student-focused education to international students in a professional and healthy environment. There are around 26,900 students from 100 nationalities, promoting cultural diversity. The university has a huge and vibrant campus with advanced facilities which attract international students. The students also get the opportunity to expand their own network with people from different countries.

The faculty mainly focuses on providing the practical knowledge rather than a theoretical knowledge. The university believes in providing the real world feel and knowledge inside the college campus so that the students get themselves prepared for their future jobs. The university has research centres and innovative projects on which they are working which motivates and guides the students to have the research-based knowledge and undertake their own research. The university has the world’s leading expert faculty providing the latest and best knowledge to the students.

Here are the top courses that international students choose at Birmingham City University

  • International MBA

It is the top most selling course that international students choose to pursue in the UK universities. The course includes a global view of international management. The faculty equip students with excellent professional and marketable skills to operate at a strategic level so that they can meet the needs of contemporary international businesses. The students in this university are being marked on the basis of practical knowledge through case studies, assignments, and projects rather than conducting the examination.

  • Management and International business

There are many students all over the world who wish to opt for this particular course with the view that they can expand or set up their own business. The course teaches students with the fundamental skills and attributes to become successful international business managers. The students will have knowledge regarding the challenges faced by global business and the complexity of the management practices. This will help students to broaden their skills, particularly within an increasingly diverse cultural context. The university is also accredited with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) which will help students to get the certificate from the institute in a shorter span.

  • Computing

It is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, especially after the pandemic. The university has a full-time partnership with Cisco and Oracle and the university have the Cisco and Oracle lab inside the campus itself which helps in proving the advanced technology facilities to the students. The students are also provided with the knowledge as a part of the course which is required to crack the exam and get the certificate from Cisco and Oracle. The core focus is to develop student’s intellectual, technical, practical, and professional skills in information and network security. 

  • Automotive engineering 

The students get to work in advanced automotive workshops and laboratories equipped with industry-standard equipment. Birmingham is the hub for the headquarters of the cars like land rover, jaguar, Mercedes, and many more creating a very high number of job opportunities related to this field. Also, the best equipment and facilities are readily available within the radar of the city for the engineering students. 

  • Nursing

It is one of the most demanding professions in the world. The university will provide students with the clinical skills and experience you need to be a professional nurse. And the teachers will work with students on their development to help them become a skilled, knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent nurse, able to lead and co-ordinate compassionate, evidence-based, person- and family-centred care while working as an integral member of interdisciplinary teams. 

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