US Visa Interview Tips & Questions for Fall Intake

US Visa Interview Tips and Answer to the Common Question Asked

There are many international students who are planning to visit US for their higher education. In order of the approval of the US visa firstly, you need to apply for visa interviews. Here is the tip to prepare for the visa interview. 

Generally in the case of student visa interviews, the question is asked why did you have chosen this particular university?. In answer to this question, most of the students tell about the ranking & facilities of the university and details of the courses they are pursuing in university. Whereas the officers sitting in the interview expects the students to provide the reason why they have personally selected this particular university. For example, you can give reasons like: 

  • you can say that your family friend has recommended you,

  • or some relative has already studied in this university and they gave you positive reviews for the university,

  • or you got the advice/ suggestion from the representatives of the university at the career fair,

  • or you can tell that the course duration in other universities is more compared to this university and you would like to finish your courses as soon as possible and then apply for the job, and many more reasons

Basically, you should try to give answers which is personally related to you and not common one. The answer should neither be very short nor very long. 

Furthermore, the students who wish to take admission to US universities in spring intake 2023 whether given English proficiency exam or not, may contact us as we’ll provide you with the various alternative available of English proficiency exams which will be widely accepted by US universities. For more queries and evaluations of the profiles, the students can mail their profiles to application02@meridean.org  to shortlist the universities and then for further process. Or you can also call at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011

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