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The UK is the leading hub for the emerging eminent universities, it’s a good opportunity to grab the exposure and to hold onto a highly profiled degree from known universities. And to gain the practical aspects of knowledge from globally recognized mentors and universities. Obtaining a master’s degree from renowned universities in the UK can increase the chance of permanent residence and chances of a job available in the UK.

Students from all over the world prefer to pursue their higher education in the UK and like to have good job opportunities and settle down in the UK after completion of their studies. Those students can apply for permanent residence in the UK after the completion of their post-study work in the same field for 2 years after their masters in the UK. This permission will not be granted if the person goes out of the UK during these 2 years. Generally, people go for their master’s degree in the UK. 

MBA is one of the most popular and beneficial master’s courses available, especially for business background, and there are various courses after which you can opt for MBA like after Btech., Bcom., BBA, etc.


  • MBA in accounting
  • MBA in human resources
  • MBA in marketing 
  • MBA in finance
  • MBA in entrepreneurship
  • MBA in operation management 

There are various other master’s courses available in the UK other than the MBA degree which has a very good scope and enormous job opportunities and adds a strong hold to your CV, also increases the chance of Public relations in the UK as well. Growing in different fields would bring stability of particular personnel in the market and avoid overcrowding in a particular field. Such various courses in masters are:

  • Marketing

Marketing is a course that includes the conceptualization relating to business markets and analyzing the demand for products in the market and the behavior of the consumer. It includes segments like advertisement market research, digital marketing, etc.

  • Project management

The Project management course revolves around how the projects are managed and organized. It includes the planning for the budget, design, and pricing of the product.

  • Supply chain management

Supply chain management revolves around the concept of planning and management relating to the timely supply of the product.

  • Hospitality management

Hospitality management is the area that deals with the services provided in restaurants, hotels, airlines, resorts, conference halls, tourist spots, etc.

  • Management master

It is the course relating to providing knowledge relating to the concept of managing the different segments like business management, operation management, etc.

  • leadership and apprenticeship management

This course helps the manager to learn the leadership qualities and management skills in order to move the organization in the direction of reaching its goals.

  • IT consulting

It is the course that helps in analyzing the problems relating to IT sector and various methods to overcome such problems.

  • Risk management

It is the program that provides the technics to detect the threats and risks of the business and timely take the measurable steps to overcome the risk involved.

  • Facilities management

It is the course that provides guidance to facilitate humans in different areas like hospitals, offices, educational institutions, etc.

Doing masters after a bachelor’s in technology which includes a combination of management and technology is a good option to go for like Data analytics, Brand management, Digital media, Animation, Business development manager, Technical marketing, Leadership, and management courses. There are various other courses available. Doing such courses provides the benefit of multitasking in the field and knowing the dual perspectives.


  • University of Worcester
  • Queen University, Belfast
  • De Montfort university
  • University of East London 
  • Abertay university in the UK

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