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Hello friends, welcome to Meridean Overseas today we will be talking about the changes in the UK after July 19, and along with that we will be talking about how to travel to the UK without quarantine i.e. there is no need for quarantine while traveling to the UK.



Before discussing that I want to share an important update with you all that the scholarships present under the University of Worcester are exclusive scholarships in the entire UK and there is no as good as this scholarship is in the entire UK. If we talk about scholarships in the UK then as a synonym we have the university of Worcester in which we have a generous scholarship that is up to £ 3500 that means you are having the direct benefit of £ 3500 if you are traveling for bachelor or if you going for Masters In both the cases you can avail the advantage of this scholarship.



Along with this friend, there is an update from the university that there is a heavy number of applications from India. Almost 10,000 international applications have been received by the University of Worcester because of which they are not able to proceed but if you check on the website of the University of Worcester than in their representative then you will find that Meridean Overseas is their trusted partner and if we approve your application from our end then you will receive your offer letter quite early.

There are a lot many students who have contacted us several times who are putting their application from any agency and the University of Worcester has received their application but they have not received their offer letter yet because of a huge number of applications.

Worcester University Scholarship for Indian Students 






GBP 1000



GBP 2000



GBP 3000



GBP 2000



GBP 3000

If you have completed your application formalities and finding difficulty in receiving your offer letter because this scholarship is unconditional and it will be already written on your offer letter that this much scholarship has been granted to you.


So if you are facing any difficulty in getting the offer letter then also you can contact us at application02@meridean.org  also you can visit our website at www.meridean.org.

  • Along with this friend, the big update from changes from 19th July is that the 2 list green and amber list that if you have already vaccinated and you also have your certificate then you don’t have to quarantine yourself and in upcoming time after 19th July there will be a reshuffle of countries i.e. those who are in green may go into amber or those who are in red can go into green or so on.

  • There will be reshuffle which happens in every 3 weeks and now it will be on 19th July.

  • So maybe on 19th July if India is put on the amber list then you don’t have to be hotel quarantine which is mandatory that is why please get yourself vaccinated on time.

  • Along with this, Heathrow airport is the largest airport in England. At this airport the fastest lane has been made for the vaccinated people so early 3-4 hours was required for immigration check now that time will be reduced and only in 45 minutes, you will be able to clear your immigration if you are vaccinated.

  • Along with this, there is also another update that is no more classroom bubbles that are early there were social distancing norms and tracing of every student that whosoever was infected by virus .now every this is scrap.

  • Now face to face classes from September intake so now you have the best opportunity to get admission in the UK. 

  • If you want to have admission to any of the universities then admissions are open and 30th July is the last date for admission of 99% of universities of the UK.

  • For application please visit application02@meridean.org, please visit our website, you will find all the details, branch details on our website, call us on our toll-free number.


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