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Located in the heart of the UK's second-largest city, Birmingham City University (BCU) has a plethora of social and professional options available to its students. The institution has redesigned its curriculum to better prepare you for the workforce, and it has also redesigned its physical facilities to better serve students. You'll be at the center of it all if you study with them.

Reasons to study in this university:

You'll get a world-class education with a strong emphasis on real-world application and transferability to the workplace. In addition, Birmingham is a great place to start a business or improve lives. As a student, you'll want to make sure that you're making a wise investment in your future by pursuing a degree in higher education. If you're considering Birmingham City University, here are some of the best reasons to do so.

A future investment:

BCU has spent £340 million in campuses and infrastructure, including a major expansion of our City Centre Campus and a £41 million addition of our City South Campus, which opened in 2018.


It's the goal of BCU to ensure that all of its students realize their potential. You may be eligible for a £1,000 scholarship if you have an offer and meet or beat our declared entry standards.

Learning and earning:

Using the student employment agency, OpportUNIty–Student Jobs on Campus in BCU, you can apply for paid positions at the university and earn valuable experience and feedback in the process.

Placements and internships:

With internships, mentorship programs, and study abroad exchanges, you'll be able to obtain real-world experience in the workplace and in professional practice. Companies and organizations like Microsoft, Cisco, Jaguar Land Rover, Sky UK and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra collaborate with them on course-related projects.

Courses with a reputation for excellence on a global scale:

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and RIBA are only few of the worldwide accreditations that BCU courses have (Royal Institute of British Architects).

A promising career guaranteed:

The BCU Career Center is available to all students throughout the duration of their enrollment at the university and for a period of three years following graduation. With their Graduate+ program, British Columbia University (BCU) incorporates career-related skills into all of their degree programs. Throughout all of their degree programs, Graduate+ emphasizes the development of practical, real-world skills.

One of the world's most important cities:

If you choose to study at Birmingham City University (BCU), you'll be right in the middle of the city's dynamism, with all of its social and employment opportunities. It is the youngest major European city, with over a third of its residents younger than 20 years of age (West Midlands Growth Company).

The best teachers for you are available here:

BCU's teaching faculty includes everyone from the country's top criminologist to a ‘Hot 100’ jeweler, all of whom originates from and has close ties with the sector.

Applied research:

Most of BCU's research was deemed to have had "exceptional" or "very significant" external influence, according to a recent survey (Research Excellence Framework 2014).

Teaching is being transformed.

For the first time ever, BCU is offering contemporary, flexible courses that incorporate practice-based learning and international possibilities into every step of their curriculum. The 1,700-strong teaching faculty at BCU comes from a variety of backgrounds, including business and the professions, so you can be sure you're getting the most out of their experience, expertise, and connections.

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