UK Student Visa Ban: Study Abroad 2022 Update

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We will here talk about the students who were recently deported to the UK. When you are traveling in the UK, you must ensure that all your documents are valid and that you have not adopted any unfair means in admission. If that is the case, you won’t get a let off. Do not try any fraudulent activities as that could cost your career.

The UKVI or the Universities perform a strict checking:

Messing with the admission documents can be dangerous as far as a student’s career is concerned as we have already mentioned. The Universities and the UKVI perform a very strict checking, so there is no way a student can escape.

A recent incident:

A recent incident took place at the Heathrow airport where a student was caught because during his admission process, he employed someone else to appear for his interview in his place. While passport checking, it may so happen that the officer isn’t able to match the photos with the candidates, and he/she may escape in certain cases.

This student that we are talking about was from Gujarat and his interview was given by someone else and it also got cleared. However, when he reached UK, an officer from the UKVI asked him a few questions-it can happen that the UKVI asks a few questions to students coming in for admission from abroad for verification and if the student can satisfactorily answers those questions, only then he/she is allowed to enter UK. In this case, the student was unable to answer.

The UKVI then confirmed with the University and found that the person who appeared for the interview and the person who has entered the UK for admission is not the same. As a result, the student has been banned for 10 years for entering the UK and the agency through which the student reached the UK, their contract has also been terminated instantly.

 Beware of fraudulent agencies:

Several agencies are there who make false documents for making students get admission in Universities abroad and they lure the students in their trap by showing them rosy pictures which is not actually true. As a result, if you are a student, you should be aware of these agencies and, most importantly, do not ever try to take any unfair means to get admission in any prestigious universities such as those in the UK.

Always remember that they have a very strict checking policy and no matter what you do, if your documents and other procedures are false, you are bound to get caught.   

A few key points:

Also, remember that if you want to study in the UK but you have no English fluency, then studying in the UK will be of no benefit for you. You won’t get any kind of job, be it part time or full time, which means all your efforts of visiting the UK.

Moreover, if you do not have funds, do not think about traveling to the UK. You can try other options such as Italy, or Germany, etc. Besides, you can check with educational agencies abroad and check how you can benefit from free education.

 We hope you liked this information. Until next time, bye!

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