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Hello, viewers! Welcome to Meridean Overseas. Today, we will discuss queries we've received about the opportunities available after completing B.Com, specifically in Canada. Let's get to the details of it.


If you've completed your B.Com in India and have a good percentage, there are ample opportunities for you in Canada. Even if your percentage is not exceptionally high, there are pathways to secure a visa.


The first step is to complete your IELTS with a minimum band score of 6. Achieving this score will significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a visa because English proficiency is a key factor in the Canadian immigration process.


Below 55%:

If your percentage is below 55%, obtaining a visa may pose some challenges. However, there's still hope. Consider pursuing an MBA, as a full-fledged degree increases your visa prospects. It's advisable to focus on a specialisation that aligns with your strengths in B.Com. This choice can be justified in your Statement of Purpose (SoP).



For those with percentages between 55 and 60, an MBA remains a viable option. Choosing a specialisation aligned with your B.Com expertise and justifying this decision in your SoP is crucial for a successful application.


Above 60%:

If you've secured more than 60%, the doors open to various options in the form of Postgraduate Diplomas (PG Diplomas). Consider enrolling in SPP Colleges and exploring International Business, Finance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management programs. Canada's vast geographical area provides diverse opportunities, especially in the field of Supply Chain Management.


Tips for Success:

Regardless of your percentage or chosen path, crafting a compelling SoP is crucial. Clearly articulate how your Bachelor's degree from India correlates with your aspirations in Canada. Demonstrating this relevance is essential for a strong application.


These are some valuable options for individuals contemplating their post-B.Com journey in Canada. Whether you are aiming for an MBA PG Diploma or exploring specialised fields, careful planning and effective communication in your application materials are key.


For more information and personalised guidance, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you in navigating the exciting opportunities that await you in Canada. Thank you for tuning in to Meridean Overseas!

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