Live Q&A: Univ of East London's Student Experience | Study in the UK 2022

Mr Amar Bahada, Founder of Meridean Overseas, interacted with University of East London students as they talked about their courses, aspirations and goals. Vidisha talks about her reasons for choosing Physiotherapy and the increasing demand for physiotherapists. She is an international student in the UK from Singapore. She chose London for her higher education as it is the academic and professional hub. Vidisha also talks about her smooth experience of shifting to the UK. Imane is a Media Communication student at UEL. She discusses the lack of awareness about the program. This program allows her to explore her fascination with technology and all media forms. Olakunle is pursuing Data Technology and talks about the supremacy of big data in today’s world. Bansri, a psychology master's student at UEL, comes from a medical background. As she explores the therapeutic effects of psychology in treatments, she discusses carefully selecting the courses to ensure that you are eligible for work in the UK after the degree. The University of East London also has advanced research facilities and a development lab that attracts students for research-oriented studies. Check out the video to learn more about studying at the University of East London.

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