Student Experience Q&A | University of East London | Study in the UK 2022

In this weekly session, Mr Amar Bahada invites Helal, Imane and Jhanvi to discuss the problems faced by international students in the UK. The first issue addressed was the high tuition fee for international students against domestic students. Helal explains that the university can hold the CAS status and sponsor visas of international students, but the universities in the UK have to charge more fees from international students. Jahnvi addressed the next question about IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) fees. She explains the process of utilising this service to receive free medical services. Jahnvi highlights that some costs, like medications, are not included in the surcharge. Imane adds that during the initial weeks, the universities help international students with things like the GP registration process. Check out the discussion on other issues and concerns faced by international students in the UK in this video.

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