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Today, we're excited to share some significant updates regarding Australian visas, particularly focusing on expanded pathways for Permanent Residency (PR) and a new visa option for students. Let's dive into the details.


Expanded PR Pathways:

The first major update revolves around the Expanded PR Pathways in Australia. Traditionally, individuals pursuing PR were required to have 3 years of professional work experience after completing their Bachelor's or Master’s. However, this requirement has now been reduced to two years. This shift aims to streamline the PR application process, making it more accessible for those who meet the updated criteria.


While reducing work experience is a positive change, it's essential to note that the immigration process considers various factors. These include age, the geographical area of the chosen university, the efficiency of course completion, and other elements that contribute to a successful PR application.


New Visa - Global Talent Visa:

Now, let's discuss the exciting introduction of a new visa for students known as the 'Global Talent Visa.' This visa is designed for individuals who have been working outside Australia, including in countries like India. Eligible candidates can apply through the designated portal.


The Global Talent Visa is specifically tailored for fields facing a critical shortage of skilled workers, such as Science, Technology, and Engineering. If you fall within these categories and meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for this visa. Successful applicants receive a five-year allowance to live and work in Australia, aligning with the country's workforce requirements in these high-demand and well-compensated sectors.


Partner and Spouse Visas:

For students considering partner or spouse visas, there's good news. The previous requirement, the Partner Assessment Test, has been removed. However, it's crucial to understand that profile assessment is still a key consideration. Both the main applicant and their partner undergo a thorough assessment. The minimum requirement for a partner is to possess at least a bachelor's degree, and work experience post-education is a valuable addition.


Extended Post-Study Work Rights:

For students eyeing the post-study landscape, the Extended Post-Study Work Rights offer a promising prospect. If you've completed a bachelor’s or master’s course and are targeting cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, along with pursuing STEM-related courses, you can enjoy a two-year extension of your post-study work rights.


In these cities, you can obtain 3 to 5 years of work rights. Meanwhile, for students exploring regional and super-regional areas like Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Southern Cross, Canberra, and Wollongong, the work rights extend to 4-6 years. This ensures that students have ample opportunities to gain valuable work experience after completing their education.


That wraps up our discussion on the latest updates regarding Australia visas, focusing on expanded PR pathways and new opportunities for students. If you have any queries related to admissions, processes, or requirements, feel free to comment or drop by any of our branches for an in-person consultation.


We're here to help you navigate these exciting changes and make informed decisions about your future in Australia. Thank you for joining us at Meridean Overseas!

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