UK Travel Update: Red List, Study in UK Student Visa 2021 for International Students

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Today we will talk about the latest travel updates here in the UK. Due to the latest variant of COVID-19 that is Omicron, there have been some changes in UK travel regulations.  We will talk about how those changes can affect you if you have already planned your travel in London.

The Red List:

Since the arrival of Omicron, there have been a few changes in the ‘red list’ countries set by the UK government. About 6 more countries have been added to the list making it 10 countries overall in the ‘red list’ countries in the UK.

The criteria for citizens of ‘red list’ countries are that when they travel to the UK, they’ll need to stay in hotel quarantine for 10 days. Besides, they will need to produce their COVID negative reports before departure to the UK, and the 2nd day and 5th day after they have reached the UK.  Overall, they need to show the 3 negative reports.  

The good news for Asian countries like India, Pakistan, etc is that these countries aren’t in the ‘red list’ and hence the travelers from these countries to the UK aren't subject to these restrictions.

The changes:

 Even though the Asian countries aren’t a part of the ‘red list’, they will still need to follow some COVID-related rules. For instance, they’ll need to produce their COVID-19 negative report when they reach the UK. Besides, as soon as you land in UK, you’ll need to undergo a COVID-19 test and till the time your test report doesn’t come out as negative (be it 24 hours or 48 hours whatever), you won’t be allowed to travel anywhere-you have to follow quarantine rules during that time.

You’ll have to quarantine the address that you have mentioned in your passenger health locator form. Once you have a negative COVID test report, you can travel freely anywhere you like in the UK.

What documentation do I need to bring with me while crossing the border into the United Kingdom to provide proof of vaccinations and test results?

It doesn't matter if you're in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland; you can get digital COVID passes that display your immunization status.

The results of the test can be sent to you through email or text message, or they can be printed out. A translation into another language is not permitted. It must be in English, Spanish or French. To prove their immunization status or test results, citizens of the European Union can make use of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

12 to 15-year-olds in England will have access to the digital NHS pass starting on February 3rd to verify their vaccination status.

Final thoughts:

Moreover, the applications for May and September Intake 2022 are already open, so if you are planning to study abroad in the UK, this is your best chance. Check out the universities that are offering admission and apply accordingly. Remember that you’ll need to check their admission eligibility guidelines thoroughly so that you aren’t missing out on the vital points.

In case you need assistance, you can always get in touch with an online education counselor to make your admission process smoother.

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