Latest UK Travel Update: New Rules by UK Govt | Study In UK Student Visa 2022

Travel List Updates by UK Government

Hello friends,

The UK government of late has updated their travel list. After having discussions, they have finally removed all the countries from their red list. The latest update is that, now, no countries are under the red list after December 15th. The UK government has been working tirelessly for some time, especially after the emergence of pandemic, to release some of the travel restrictions. They are trying to ensure that there are as minimum restrictions as possible.

Currently, all destinations that are not on the red list are considered green; however, certain green destinations do not currently allow non-essential travel from the United Kingdom.

Need for vaccination:

There is no requirement for pre-departure vaccinations for those arriving in the UK who are fully vaccinated and under the age of 18, however they must make and pay for an appointment for a pre-departure test on or before day two of arrival. Non-vaccinated passengers do not need to self-isolate while waiting for their results to come back from this lateral flow test.

WHO's emergency use list:

Covid-19 vaccinations are licensed for use in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries on the WHO's Emergency Use List. Travelers from countries on the "green list" who have not been vaccinated must show a pre-departure negative test and book and pay for PCR tests on days two and eight of their stay in the United Kingdom. Ten days of quarantine are also required for green passengers who have not been vaccinated.

Test to release program:

Travelers quarantined in England who aren't immune to the disease can use the Test to Release program to get out of quarantine sooner. In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the "Test to Release" policy does not apply.

No self-quarantine is required if you arrive in the UK from a country that isn't red and haven't been to or transited through a red country in the recent 10 days. However, you still need to purchase a post-arrival test on the second day of your vacation.

This is perhaps the only country in the world who has emphasized a lot on making life easy for the students who can travel here without facing any harassment. UK government’s policies to get a VISA are lot more streamlined now and hence it’s very good for the applicants.

Such a step now will ensure that the students can focus more on their education rather than travel-related issues. Talking about education, the May 2022 Intake is opened now and the applications for September Intake have also started.

PSW launch by UK government:

As a result, for those applicants who want to avail this opportunity to settle in UK, this is the time. In 2019, the UK government launched the PSW, which ensures an applicant gets employment rights for 2 years.  This 2-year PSW is available after one completes their Masters or Bachelors degree. However, one can get a 3-year PSW after they complete their PHD.

As a result, due to this friendly approach from the UK government, there is a now a golden chance for people, especially Asians now, to settle in this country and build a great future for themselves. Compared to 2013, 2014, and 2015, the students traveling now in UK don’t have to worry about their future in UK.  Those who will focus on their studies there will definitely get their desired results.

UK now immigration-friendly nation:

There have been some positive movements in UK regarding immigration, which means that UK has now become an immigration-friendly nation. So, one can definitely get a benefit from that.

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